Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who is Tom Michalow?

My fellow Tattlers,

I asked the same question when I got a campaign mailer yesterday. Well, he is the Democrat candidate running for the Allegheny Council seat against incumbent Matt Drozd (R).

I am not one to endorse candidates on this web site because I honestly hate how newspapers do such actions. However, I like voters to be informed. So, if Drozd's people or any other candidates want me to inform about their preferred candidate, you can reach me: sirfuller@hotmail.com.

This guy has a website at http://michalowforcountycouncil.com. Personally, I don't think he has a chance but stranger things have happened. Below are some adjustments to his web site he should make to become a little more competitive:

- Throughout his web site Michalow touts his background as a member of Avalon Borough Council. This is a good thing but the site lays it on a little thick. He should focus more on his background as a teacher. Most revere teachers much more than politicians.

- Michalow should put real issues on the web site. As a regular voter I would be more inclined to see what he thinks about Allegheny County-related issues such as the drink tax, city-county merger, airport opportunities, etc.

- I wish Michalow would Please, please, please upgrade his web site. It would be great if he could include some videos talking about specific issues. If that is too difficult, Michalow could create a YouTube page where such videos could be posted.

While I consider myself a moderate conservative, that doesn't mean I would never vote for Michalow. This Tattler is sick of partisan politics and votes for people on both sides of the aisle. I would just ask that Michalow give us Tattlers more information about his ideas.

These are just a few tips I'm offering as someone who has covered local politics for several years (RIP McKnight Journal). Trust me, these are good tips.

I wish you the best of luck Tom Michalow.

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Mel said...

Our neighborhood is politically active. I live on Drozd's street, so it's kind of fun to see the yard signs for this election. It seems that Michalow is a friend of the LGBT community, so he's getting my vote.