Saturday, January 24, 2009

Qdoba competitor coming to McKnight Road...

If any of you were wondering what is being built at the front of McKnight-Siebert Shopping Center near McDonalds, it seems it is a competitor of Qdoba across the street.

From July's Ross Township Planning Commission agenda:

GKK Capital, LLC requesting Site Plan approval for the purpose of constructing
a proposed Chipotle Restaurant on property located at 4861 McKnight Road
in a C-1 Zoning District of the 1st Ward.

Crazy huh?

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shoppes at Northway is sooo depressing...

The oldest mall in the North Hills is so depressing to watch it continue it's downward spiral. Just within the last year, a handful of stores have closed including Value City, Old Navy, a family fun center and that place that sold Oriental furniture.

Mall management really needs to get their behinds into gear before it's too late. However, in these trying economic times, I believe we'll see even more stores shut down.

This Tattler thinks many of these problems stemmed from the closing of Value City among other issues. Shoppes at Northway needs to fill in that gap with a different store that will attract people. Other mall anchors like Dick's and Border's don't cut it because I suspect many of their patrons shop there then leave.

I would consider trying to attract another eatery of some type if I was management. I know this decision could face hurdles... but it may be worth it. Both Mama Lucia's Pizza and Fox and Hound seem to do pretty well. It's just a thought.

Please mall management, do something! Ask yourselves this, is the mall in recovery or a hospice?

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The name...
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people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Resolution...

My New Year's Resolution is to read more books.

These days, I tend to read alot of newspapers and magazines.

Any suggestions?

Working to keep you posted...

P.S. I read a book this week -- it was by comedienne Chelsea Handler. Very funny!

Festival to close...

The Festival grocery store in Wexford plaza along Perry Highway is set to close on January 23. I was there today while this Tattler's father was at a doctor's appointment nearby.

This Tattler thinks this closing has to do with the Giant Eagle being built up the street.

Any thoughts?

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