Friday, November 21, 2008

Northway Mall...

First of all, I know that Northway Mall officials changed the shopping center's name almost 2 years ago to Shoppes at Northway. Oooh! Sounds so cosmopolitan. Sorry, you're still Northway Mall to me just like how Mellon Arena will remain as the Civic Arena until it's demolished.

But I digress, I hope Northway Mall officials have an ace up their sleeve because they are facing one tough poker hand. The closing of The Kid Company adds to the amount of vacancies including the former location of Value City.

So what should mall officials do? I actually have no idea but this has been racking my brain for some time. Any ideas?

I remember the days of the mall boasting that humongous bird cage. Remember? How can you forget it!

Working to keep you posted...


Melanie said...

I'm sure most of your readers will blame Aldi, for this and all the 'issues' in our area! ;)

Personally, I'd love to see a high quality movie theater in that spot, since we have nothing like that in our area. I'm not sure that would be the best move, financially speaking, at this time.

I sent our demographics info to Whole Foods a few times, suggesting they build a store in our area. I bet they're not building new stores at this time, though. You wouldn't believe the number of Whole Foods bags that I see on our street on garbage day. It seems that most of our neighborhood makes the trek to East Liberty for their groceries. No wonder the parking situation is so bad there.

Anonymous said...

DSW would be nice to have back in the NH.
I would think they could get a Filenes closet or whatever that waterfront store is. They to be midscale now that RPM has decided to overprice everything in that mall.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if we would get a TJMaxx. I have to go to Richland or Cranberry to shop at one.

Vanderloogen said...

They need to tear the thing down and completely rebuild it.

When it rains, the place is littered with buckets to catch the drips.

At least enclose the upper part

You have to wonder when Old Navy will leave since they have a newer store at Ross Park Mall.

It makes me sad to go there any more