Thursday, November 20, 2008

LL Bean Opening at Ross Park this weekend...

In continuing its steps towards offering a more up-scale retail center, Ross Park Mall will open its L.L. Bean store this weekend. Several events are planned for the opening:

The store will mark it's opening with several activities planned from Friday, Nov. 21 - Sunday, Nov. 23. Events include birds of prey demonstrations, Outdoor Discovery Schools clinics, a book signing with L.L. Bean Chairman Leon Gorman, fly casting demos and a GPS techno-treasure hunt.

This Tattler believes that while the L.L. Bean store will be something a bit different, this direction Ross Park Mall is taking may not be fruitful. While I wish the retailer the best, going upscale may not be the wisest decision given these economic times.

In the spirit of our flagship store in Maine, our new Pittsburgh store will remain open 24-hours a day throughout the celebration weekend. Visitors are urged to stop by after 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday for refreshments, live music and giveaways.

WHAAAAT? 24-hours? You know at 3 a.m. I sometimes wake up in a cold sweat wondering where I can get a fleece sweatshirt or some outdoor gear.

Hey, at least some private security or off-duty cops will make an extra buck!

Working to keep you posted...

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