Thursday, November 20, 2008

Business Update...

Here are a few tidbits about businesses in the North Hills. This post has been a long time coming so some of this happened a little while back.

- The Kid Company has closed at Northway Mall. As of last week, signs said it was temporarily closed but according to a Post-Gazette article in Wednesday's edition -- it is closed permanently.

- Famous Dave's seems closed. The last few times I have driven past the location near TGI Friday's, it seemed shut down. Any of you Tattlers have any scoop on this?

- Firehouse Grille and Pizza has opened up along Babcock Blvd in Ross Township. It is owned by a resident of Laurel Gardens. It seems it has taken over the location of Toscana's Pizza.

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tonycpsu said...

Bummer about Famous Dave's. For a chain restaurant, the BBQ was actually pretty darn good.

Here's some more info I found using the magic of Google:

I don't know for sure that they're shut down, but going Chap 11 in this economy is not promising news.

Sirfuller said...

Thanks for doing my dirty work -- that article explains a lot!

I agree that their BBQ was pretty good but I rarely went there because their location was a little out of the way for me. I think I would just forget about it because it's not directly located on McKnight. Who knows?

This post is making me hungry!

bluecruiser said...

Just noticed today - there's a sign in the window at Famous Dave's, indicating they are currently renovating. The sign says renovations should take 10-14 days, but I don't know when the sign was posted.

Hopefully this means we'll have our local BBQ joint back soon.

bluecruiser said...

Update on Famous Dave's:

Last night I noticed the renovation notice is still there, so it doesn't look like they will be reopening any time soon (it's been more than 3 weeks since I first saw the renovation notice posted). All evidence of the name "Famous Dave's" is gone as well, including on the building and their sign near McKnight Road.