Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vote on November 4...

Unfortunately, no early voting in Pennsylvania. There are many improtant races this cycle -- please vote.

My endorsements:

John McCain (R), Presidential candidate - (this is a light endorsement because I think both candidates leave alot to be desired given our country's economic turmoil)

Jason Altmire (D-4), U.S. Congressman - He is independent minded and doesn't always follow party-line politics. He has been a champion for our armed forces members and has been endorsed by the NRA. He will protect our rights.

Tom Corbett (R-PA), State Attorney General - He has done much in regards to combatting corruption in our fair commonwealth as well as targeting sexual predators.

While this is a very important election, this Tattler can't wait till it's all over. I'll have to give my brain some rest after this never-ending campaign.

Working to keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that you could vote for Corbett. The only thing he has done is go after child predators as much as everyone should be. This is the only thing I can credit him with.
Other than that he draws the line with his party and has repeatedly gone after the democrats, charging them with many different crimes while there are republicans still under "investigation". Being a republican I find it disgusting that he would do this repeatedly over the last year. What's fair is fair, and politics is politics. Most of the "old guys" are corrupt in PA and that includes both parties.

Anonymous said...

less politics, more on the happenings of NH please.