Saturday, June 14, 2008

Local papers to call it quits...

The McKnight Journal and North Journal newspapers will end their run by the end of the month. While the McKnight Journal only operated for a couple years, North Journal provided coverage of Northern Allegheny County for a LONG time.

These two North Hills-related weekly newspapers are not the only ones being cut from Gateway Newspapers. Other publications facing the chopping block include papers in Oakmont, Cory/Moon, Bridgeville, Penn Hills and Woodland Hills.

While it is sad to see these important publications go, it frankly doesn't come as a shock to this Tattler. You see, I wrote for the McKnight Journal for more than 4 years and left my position last August. I've always felt that a bright future wasn't in store for Gateway Newspaper given the leadership at the helm.

Management in the upper echelon of the company was inadequate at best. Newspaper staff did a good job given the fact that micromanagement ran rampant ever since the Trib bought Gateway Newspapers a couple years ago.

Reminiscent of what happened to North Hills News Record all those years ago, the powers that be at the Trib accomplished ruining yet another worthwhile publication.

I'll let you know if I hear anything else about this. This whole situation totally disgusts me.

Working to keep you posted...

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Anonymous said...

I started to buy the McKnight Journal last year when I was trying to find anything I could about the stupid waste of tax payers money on the HEARTH's Benet Woods Project in Ross Township.
I had a hard time finding the McKnight Journal. Several stores I stopped at were out of them. I finally began stopping at the box at the Seibert Mcknight post office on Wed afternoons. If they had put more out at stores, I think they would have sold more.