Sunday, April 13, 2008

Primaries drawing near...

Well, I'm back from a brief hiatus and I hope you all are doing well. By looking at the calendar we are really getting into the nitty-gritty of the primary elections.

I guess the most important ones this time around are for Democrats voting for who they want as their presidential nominee and essentially electing a candidate for the legislative seat in the 21st district.

Right now, there are three candidates -- former Pittsburgh City Councilman Len Bodack, former Allegheny County Council member Brenda Frazier and former Pittsburgh Police Chief Dom Costa. No Republicans have filed to run in the election.

All three candidates are well known public figures to city residents but don't really have much of a relationship with residents of Ross Township and other suburbs. Gotta love how the district lines are drawn!

The Post-Gazette has endorsed Frazier for the position. They didn't really add anything new to the discussion but interestingly, never mentioned a word about her role in approving the drink tax. If I were a registered Democrat, she would NEVER get my vote because of that.

From the Post-Gazette:

Fortunately, the voters in this race can go with experience that comes with a more positive record of achievement in elected office. As a member of County Council since her election in 2001, Brenda Frazier has shown herself to be a conscientious and caring public servant, whether championing row office reform and the smoking ban or mapping a new path for the Kane hospitals.

She has the Post-Gazette endorsement so that this seat doesn't have to go back to the old boys' club.

I think this election will be a success for Bodack but I guess anything can happen. He has a relationship with a segment of voters in the district and has some political connections, which are always a help. Additionally, the political arena is nothing new to him.

There's a slimmer chance that either Frazier or Costa could drum up enough support to win. Costa has no political office experience but it is admirable that he wants to give back. On the other hand Frazier does have the experience but also carries the baggage that comes with that (she voted in favor of the drink/ car rental tax last December).

I'm going into this election with an open mind and the way I look at it is if they don't deliver, just vote 'em out in two years.

Working to keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

Well, I am a registered Democrat and she is getting my vote. Sorry ,I didn't want my property taxes raised and neither did my neighbors. It was a tough decision
and I commend the ones who voted in favor of it reguardless of the threats given by these already rich restaurant owners already gouging their customers by their overpriced beverages. I frequent alot of the local bars and I have to say that business hasn't decreased at all because their drink prices aren't expensive. I won't go to Atria's, Carlton , etc. because of this. These people made these threats at the time of that vote and she held her ground
knowing of the repercussion. To me, that shows leadership. If this ever went to the floor again to raise our property tax (from a homeowners standpoint) I will personally hold a sign to boycott these establishments. You can't tell me that people who were already paying $9 and up for a glass of wine are griping over 10%?. Perhaps the "decline" in business has more to do with inflation of everything else gas, food etc?
I would take any County Council member (Dem. or Rep) over the City council any day. I follow both intensively. Your commentator below was correct by their statement. None of the CC NEED their job, it's part time with no perks and you see them and hear them on the radio constantly. They have always returned my e-mails and though I may not have always agreed, I can see the other side.

I can't see what Jr. Bodack has ever accomplished other than making hiself a career politician
riding on his fathers name. He simply makes a bad presentation. He doesn't want this job to serve the people, He NEEDS this job to support his family. He sucked as a City councilman and I really don't think we need to send him to Harrisburg to do much of the same. Go ahead and vote him in and I'll be able come back in two years to say I told you so.

Anonymous said...

What, do you instead want your property taxes raised or eliminate public transportation -- just when gas prices are hitting the roof. I would rather have a ride to work than a drink after work. I'm voting FOR BRENDA FRAZIER.

Anonymous said...

"What, do you instead want your property taxes raised or eliminate public transportation "

Public transportation in Allegheny County, where? I hope you not referring to that collection of ramshackle buses all seem to be able to get you down town but nowhere else and can't keep a schedule to save a life. 79 minutes to 121 minutes to cover seven miles from Shaler & Ross to Oakland where the regions two largest employers are... public transportation my ass.

And those "rich restaurant owners" don't pay the tax, no business ever pays any tax at all - NOT EVER - customers and consumers foot the bill.

If Democrats ever rub two brain cells together and realize that there might some hope they'll eventually figure out how to stop and reverse the population and job losses.

Not likely though since ill-considered class warfare is so much easier to campaign on when your policies are at the root of the problem

Jeff said...

Let's all be clear on this: I think all of the candidates are lackluster at best. If I were a registered Democrat, I would have a tough time giving my support to any of them.

Thank God it will only be for a two year term.