Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Political action committee formed to hamper Brenda Frazier's chances...

A political action committee has been formed and are focusing on halting Brenda Frazier's bid for the seat in the 21st legislative district. This PAC is mainly motivated by Frazier's role in passing the drink tax.

From the Post-Gazette:

Restaurateurs and bar owners opposed to Allegheny County's 10 percent drink tax say they are done "playing nice" with politicians who supported the levy and have not pledged to repeal it.

A group of them yesterday launched a political action committee -- Hospitality Political Action Committee of Western Pennsylvania -- which they said will be the political arm of their campaign to end the drink tax.

"This tax can't stand. It's a travesty, and our first goal is to oppose Brenda Frazier," said John Graf, vice president of the Priory Hospitality Group.

Standing behind the bar at Jerry's 1888 Restaurant & Tavern on the North Side, Mr. Graf, chairman of HosPAC, said the group's campaign against the former county councilwoman, who voted for the drink tax, will serve as an example to all politicians and send a message: "Supporting the drink tax has consequences."

Frazier really needs to denounce her decision to pass the drink tax. No cop outs but a sincere message for repeal might be a good start.

Working to keep you posted...


Belly-Up said...

Good luck getting her to denounce her vote. Here is her quote from the City Paper.

This is nothing new," Frazier says of the complaints. If she had it to do over again, she says, she would still vote in support of the tax.

Anonymous said...

If you have to use the drink tax to make your decision on this election, you shouldn't vote.
Maybe you drink $400 worth of alcohol out a year. That's $40 bucks you are paying.
Okay, my school and local taxes are much more than that and everyone else wants to raise them even more?
With all of the businesses in our district our taxes shouldn't be this high.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear someone else not really care about the drink tax. Sure, maybe it isn't fair, isn't needed, wasn't introduced/passed properly.. HOWEVER, it is such a small fraction of the total amount I pay in various taxes. If this greatly effects you, you drink too much....

Anonymous said...

I love how people don't care about taxes as long as they are not personally hit by them.

"I don't drink so why should I care?"

Because it's horrible for the economy when businesses close.

Because it's horrible for the area when chain restaurants back out of deals (Haufbrauhouse nearly tossed in the towel over this after 7 years of planning to come here.)

Because it hurts the entire hospitality industry which the tourism industry depends on.

Because when you hurt two entire industries and the urge for outside businesses to move here - you are hurting your city.

If it makes it personal enough for you... when a bar is paying out more on drinks. They are charging you more for the burger to make up for it.

So even if you don't care about the city, or jobs, or the fact that the money only helps pay bus drivers who make $80k a year... you are being hit with the tax.

Nathaniel @ BarSmart

P.S. Brenda lost.

Anonymous said...

Nate, Brenda didn't lose due to the drink tax. What, all five of you on Bar Smart that correspond back and fourth? It was a 3 way race that I don't think any of them really worked hard enough for.
Take a guess where she got her biggest votes? Shadyside
She beat Len in the 10th ward. She simply did not work hard enough in the North Hills and rivertowns.
Have a couple more of those $10 brews and get a clue my brother.

Anonymous said...

PS. Brenda lost because she wasn't qualified to do the job, i don't care about the drink tax and I drink. I didn't vote for her because I didn't feel she was qualified.
Again, if a business has to use the drink tax as an excuse to shut down, there must be many other reasons. It's not costing them any more and it barely costs the customers any more. Ok, maybe they have one less complete drunk in there each night, but it's not going to be enough to close a business.
That is a lame excuse and a lack of understanding of business.
Barsmart is a bunch of fools to think that a small tax like that means anything. I pay more taxes on a gallon of gas than I do on my beer, go argue for a cuase that matters.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with the comments above. People closing their doors right now have a convenient excuse... the drink tax. I'm not rich and yet the drink tax has not stopped me from having a couple drinks. As also said above, if you are losing a substantial amount of money from the new tax, get a life and stop drinking it all away.

Anonymous said...

I agree thw Drink Tax was not why Brenda lost. According to her former fellow council members, she is lazy, always late (if she shows uo at all) never interdouced a Bill in the years she was on council. Always voted to please the sitted chief Ex (R) or (D). We needed someone who doesn't owe any one. Of the the three, Costa fit the bill for me. Let's give him a chance.

Jeff said...

I think many of you are missing the point. I, for one, am not in favor of the drink tax because it is yet another levy in this area.

I agree that this tax would not put people out of business, but it has put a Band-Aid on a larger problem that has not yet been fixed.

There is always fat that can be cut from a budget and certain county council members are not targeting that avenue.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in HOSPAC or who is one of the local restaurant/tavern owners who thinks they had something to do with Brenda's defeat is only fooling themselves.

What, some radio and yard signs? Be real.

I hope they are better at the restaurant business than they are at running negative political campaigns.

Look at areas where she won; high rent areas such as Shadyside where residents do nothing but eat out and patronize the bars and restaurants, yet she wins in these areas, 3-1. Doubtful if HOSPAC did such a breakdown or even knows how.
Brenda says her polling showed her margins improving from a distant third AFTER HOSPAC went negative, suggesting that people were reminded that she did not raise property taxes and supported her as a result of that reminder.

The short sighted HOSPAC folks should have supported a candidate who was on record stating that the Drink tax was the lesser of evils and who pledged to go to Harrisburg looking for ways to get rid of it,(not necessarily other tax options) and provide new revenue streams for the County. Who better to carry the banner for HOSPAC in Harrisburg than someone like that? They could not see past their bruised egos.

There simply isn't any sympathy for millionaire crybabies carrying this HOSPAC/Drink tax banner who are charging $8.00 for a shot of scotch when the common man/woman is worried about high gas prices and paying mortgages.

Did you know you can buy 2 -1/2 gallons of gas for what Sean Casey (Church Brew Works ) will charge you for a 1/2 ounce of 12 year old scotch? And he is a victim here? PLEASE!!

Anonymous said...

I hope this does goes to a referendum to ask the voters. What do you think they will choose?
Will these people then stop whining? Simply amazing where priorities are, people are getting to the point where it's too expensive to drive and people are protesting the drink tax.
Furthermore, why are these people targeting the local officials and not the Senate who gave us this option?
Cry me a river...........

Anonymous said...

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