Friday, March 21, 2008

Value City...

As you know, the Value City location at Northway Mall is closing and everything is on sale. Most items are at least 50% off. So, if you need a new toaster oven I suggest stopping by for a good deal.

I wonder what store will fill that vacancy?

Working to keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

Judging by recent activity along the McKnight corridor probably nothing will fill the space.

There's a whole lot of empty retail space sprinkled up and down the road and if Ross officials don't get their act together soon there's probably going to be a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Why is it the Ross officials fault? How about the rediculous rates of some of the leases along the road? It's far cheaper to go down onto Babcock for a small business then to try to pay those rates on McKnight.

Anonymous said...

Didn't say the current situation was all their fault; said if they didn't get their act together it was going to get worse.

They've bent to political pressure and hidden behind Penndot to block the Walmart Super Center proposal, which if they don't act and find a way to get it back on track is going to end up being built a few miles up the same road.

They call stores like Walmart retail anchors for a reason - if that center gets built up the road in McCandles near the rumored theater etc, the current stores along the Ross section of the McKnight corridor will start shuttering and moving to where the action is faster than you can count them.

If Ross officials aren't on the phone everyday with Penndot trying to get the facility built they'll be responsible for the ensuing crash.

Anonymous said...

I don't Necessarily want a wal-mart in my back yard though. There has to be better solutions than dragging that giant mess into the middle of McKnight.
I'm all for cheaper goods, but I'd rather see some smaller shops come into play. Although that plot of land is huge retail, i'd much rather see something other than wal mart.
The stores shuttering wouldn't be stores moving to where the action is, it would be the stores closing because they can't compete with the cheap imported lead filled goods that wal mart can provide.

Paul said...

Ah another union kool-aid drinker heard from.

Take a ride up 28 to the Mills and count the number of new stores that have popped up around the Walmart and Sams Club that didn't exist two years ago.

Many of the stores along McKnight in Ross are national chains - when people start driving past them to get the Walmart and their competition in McCandless they'll abandon their current locations and move right up next to them.

Walmart doesn't put small stores out of business. Inefficiency, waste, and inability to provide a variety of goods and services that people want is what puts them out of business.

You have no idea how many products are in your home right now that you couldn't buy at any price in Pittsburgh just 20 years ago because mom and pop retailers didn't like to risk capital and space on unknown products.

I still remember not to long ago at all taking a monthly drive to the first Walmart in West Virgina to stock up on salsa & chips, hot sauces and other ethnic foods because not a single store here would carry the items that were being sold all around the country.

Anonymous said...

@paul and other pro-Walmarter.. RIGHT ON!

I couldn't agree more. I don't see how anyone can drive by the old Sam's Club / Chi-chis and *NOT* recognize how much a new Walmart would help out. Also, the examples of business popping up all around Walmarts are endless. "This end" of McKnight road is due for some upgrades. It is getting some, but clearing out that area and building a new plaza would certainly help.

As stated above, is Ross does not get its act together, Walmart is going to go down McKnight a few miles... how does that make sense?

Anyways, just re-iterating what was said above... just wanted to voice my support.

Anonymous said...

Will you folks be the first complaining when crime rates go up and there are even more buses on McKnight road? How about when you are sitting in traffice for an extra 10 minutes just to go 1 mile on that stretch?
Sorry that you are stuck in the 70's when you had to drive 10 miles to get something. There are plenty of small stored (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods) that cater to those likings now, there is no need to have the number one china importer and slave labor giant in our neighborhood.
Perhaps you should try driving a few extra miles to get something other than the "ethnic" foods you can get at wal-mart, if that's what you want to call them.

Anonymous said...

How unbeliebably ironic to warn of longer drives on McKnight Road AND then suggest driving to the city, where traffic congestion is a 24/7 365 ordeal, for anything... let alone to be price gouged by hippies.

If Whole Foods or Trader Joes ever pulls their heads out of their butts and opens a store in the North Hills they'll probably do a bang up business. Until then I moved out of the city to get away from the corruption, filth, crime and traffic and I ain't going back any time I don't absolutely have to.

Sorry mister union propagandist, but the groceries I buy at Walmart are the exact same products, made by the exact same manufactures in the exact same locations as those groceries sold at Giant Eagle except they're 35% cheaper and I get better and more pleasant service from the employees than I ever got from those inbred, slack jawed, sneering, union hacks at G.E.

I'll keep driving to and shopping at Walmart were ever it is as long as that's the case.