Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What i'm finding out about Bodack...

Here's some info I'm finding out about Len Bodack. I'll continue to update this as I come across more details.

- He is the son of a longtime state senator, now retired.

- Bodack served on Pittsburgh City Council. He was ousted by Patrick Dowd in a narrow defeat last year. Here is information about it:




In their endorsement for Bodack's challenger in his bid for re-election, the Post-Gazette wrote:

They can go with the incumbent, Len Bodack Jr., son of the longtime state senator, veteran of the Democratic Committee and foe of budget cuts that were needed to save the city.

Or they can opt for the fresh thinking and independence of Patrick Dowd, a school board member who has been a force for change in Pittsburgh education and who didn't shrink from closing schools to reduce costly overcapacity.

The Trib also did not endorse Bodack for re-election:


- While on city council, Bodack made some questionable stances. The Post-Gazette previously reported:

The Lawrenceville incumbent, 50, voted in March 2006 -- incredibly and unsuccessfully -- to end the state's oversight of city finances under Act 47. He was a member of council's "gang of five" who, in November 2004, rejected the stiff but necessary budget cuts to pull Pittsburgh from the brink of bankruptcy.

He knuckled under to pressure from city employee unions in June 2004 and voted with three council members against the city's fiscal recovery plan.

Here's more:


Working to keep you posted...


Anonymous said...



Check these out. Too bad you didn't do some research before the endorsement.

Paul said...

I'd be less concerned with Bodack's positions and votes and more so about his role in city politics.

If you've never shared our misfortune of living in the city and being "represented" by one of these party bosses you really can't understand what you're in for.

Anyone in Ross who believes for a minute that Len Bodack will represent their interests the same way he does those of city public union members who he can marshal to the polls along with their families every election cycle, you're in for a rude awakening.

If Bodack wins the nomination, residents, including Democrats, really need to rally their friends and family to support the Republican candidate or you're going to find yourself being third class citizens in the district forever more. Bodack is one of those city party loyalists who refuses to take any responsibility for their gross mismanagement of city affairs, assign any responsibility for the current situation with the excess and abuses of public service unions and blames the suburbanites for all the city's problems. No matter what he claims during the campaign I absolutely believe he WILL exact a heavy toll on North Hills residents in order to curry favor with his city cronies.

Anonymous said...

There is no Republican candidate, so you had better decide which of the Democrats you want to back, and in a hurry because the primary is April 22. In my opinion, there is only one who is truly qualified to represent the interests of all the district.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I have enjoyed your comments regarding the TREK/Hearth/demarco comments, but I still don't agree with you about Bodack.
Any politicians who don't perform know they might not be re-elected the next time, especially in the 21st district.
I think Bodack plans to represent all the people in the 21st. district.

Anonymous said...


The story in today's Post-Gazette regarding Brenda Frazier, the only African-American candidate for the State Rep, is a bit unsettling. What are your thoughts?

Jeff said...

Does this really surprise you? Are you new to this area and expect honest politics? :)

I joke. But seriously this does concern me. I think every other month this council makes a move that just makes you wonder why (drink tax, changes to real estate assessment web site, etc).

Of course, council members are denying this.

Thanks for this info though -- I just posted something about it.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for anyone who served on either City Council or County Council.

Anonymous said...

I think Brenda Frazier would be a great choice for the district. She's the only one of the three not running becuase they don't currently have a job, she's progressive, and she cares about the people of the district. Costa doesn't have any experience in politics, and Bodack owes too many favors to too many people. He's not concerned with whats best for the people of the district. Frazier is.