Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More responses from Dan DeMarco...

Here are some more responses to comments left to Dan DeMarco, Ross Township Commissioner and candidate for a state legislative seat. His responses are below.

Dear looking for an honest answer :

Yes, honestly, I would have no problem if the Trek/HEARTH plan of homes was built next door or across the street from me. As a matter of fact, it would complement my neighborhood quite well since I own and live in a townhouse in Woodbridge.

Dear Anonymous :

We can agree to disagree on the issue of the pay raise. I do believe it is still an issue with the people. And again, I have had not one resident complain to me about my vote on Trek/HEARTH while knocking on doors.

Moreover, my literature addresses other issues as well, like property taxes, which in the case of North Hills, has been impacted over the years due to the investment in Martorelli Stadium. I would still like to know what we have to show for the tax money invested in this project.

Yes, I was a member of the Benedictine Center Board. That Board sets policy for programs carried out by the Center. If you have any idea of the Center’s programs you would know that it has nothing to do with HEARTH.

It is a completely separate non-profit corporation.

UPDATE: Below are additional responses from DeMarco to your comments:

Dear Anonymous :

I have done my best to try and explain that laws that I did not make impact the inability of Ross Township or any municipality from denying the location of affordable housing in a particular area. I have further explained the serious financial impact a federal discrimination lawsuit could have had on the Township's budget, and the person financial liability each individual commissioner would have faced.

Again, I did not make the laws. I will therefore no longer respond to any further criticisms of me or the decision regarding HEARTH. I am going around in circles to no avail. I would recommend you ask your federal lawmakers what they can do to protect you from the problems you fear from affordable housing.

Dear Woodbridge Resident:

I NEVER stated I was speaking for you or any other Woodbridge resident. I simply stated MY opinion. I do not appreciate your mischaracterization of what I said.

Furthermore, I never invited or sought the location of affordable housing in Woodbridge or anywhere else in Ross Township. Affordable housing seeks for itself where it desires to locate. Federal law dictates the inability to prohibit its location.

Would you be willing to risk your home and car and portions of your life earnings as a defendant in a federal lawsuit in the capacity of Ross commissioner? This situation is much more complex than I think you and many others understand. Ultimately, it comes down to serious financial liability for the Township and individuals.


Dear Speech Writer :

Thanks for offering to write my speech, but it is incorrect. I do not recall saying I would vote against a Wal-Mart Super Center on McKnight Road (I recall another blogger pointed this out as well).

I did say that one big hurdle for Wal-Mart was additional traffic on McKnight Road. But that issue is not for me or Ross Township to decide. PennDOT must determine if Wal-Mart can accomplish its goal of locating on McKnight Road based on traffic studies that then have to be applied to PennDOT traffic regulations.

If Wal-Mart satifies all zoning and land development ordinances of Ross Township to build a Super Center, I will have a duty to approve its plan to build on McKnight Road.

Working to keep you posted...


Paul said...

"Yes, honestly, I would have no problem if the Trek/HEARTH plan of homes was built next door or across the street from me. As a matter of fact, it would complement my neighborhood quite well since I own and live in a townhouse in Woodbridge."

Then as a solution to the issue why don't you and your neighbors work on finding some property in nearby and offer it up as an alternative to proposes development.

I fail to see how an endless parade of male predators, welfare cheats, drug dealers and others who prey on these women and seek access to their children and providing an example for other children of the financial rewards and positive reinforcement that are available to those who choose sex and children outside of marriage would compliment anyone's neighborhood; but if you truly believe it would I'm sure with a little effort on your part you could come up with an alternative to the proposed Trek/Hearth project that would locate it closer to your home.

It's quite the example we're setting for our children with these types of projects: Yes little Janey if you do good in school, work hard and stay out of trouble you can be a god little wage slave, but if you get knocked up, have a couple kids out of wedlock it's housing benefits, subsidies and anything else we can thing think of to smooth the path for you... as long as you promise to keep voting Democrat of course.

JG said...

Come on now Paul that's not very Christian of you. The sisters are just putting what the bible says into action; the wages of sin are death, and subsidized housing, food stamps, government check etc etc.

It truly is an amazing time we live in when married couples work and struggle to pay their bills, raise their kids and suffer under an ever increasing tax burden while single mothers are rewarded and pampered with handouts.

And then we wonder why our teens make the choices they do.

Mr. DeMarco, nobody, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY, believes you would welcome this project into you neighborhood no matter what you say.

Jeff said...

Here's a comment from a local resident who was having problems posting comments.

From Bielfinder:

This is a note to Dan DeMarco concerning his support for the Trek Development slated for my Ross Township neighborhood.


I'm very happy to hear that you're willing to assist in locating a site in your Woodbridge neighborhood for Trek Development to build their new and exciting low income housing project. I think it's wonderful that you and your neighbors are willing, in fact to eager to invite those poor unfortunates who would be considered and qualified for low income housing, into your neighborhood.

Now, I have to wonder if you would also be willing to relocate the nearby Adult Mart and The InTown Suites somewhere onto Babcock Blvd. No single neighborhood can have too much of a good thing.....right?

I mean, you certainly won't mind the frequent calls for police on to your streets. Of course, you won't have a problem with people being wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and arrested right in front of your children there in Woodbridge...would you?
And if that's the case, then I'm absolutely certain that you won't mind having policemen with K-9's searching your back yard every once in a while for someone who's running from them....much as we here on Bepler Ave. have had to do. Heck Dan, once I was even held at bay in my own driveway by an officer and his dog until I convinced him that I was the homeowner, not the person he was chasing, and was only trying to get into my home.

I'm sure that kind of thing goes on in Woodbridge all the time. Right Dan?

I'd even be willing to sign a petition requesting the diversion of the McKnight Road corridor, the gateway to downtown Pittsburgh, AND a terrific escape route for criminals right onto Babcock Blvd. simply for your amusement.

It would be tough Dan, but.....we'd be willing to sacrifice those amenities and hand them all over to you .....as we are certain that you would appreciate them far more than we do here.

So Dan, please get back to me as soon as possible, as I would love to offer my assistance in locating just the right spot in your cozy little Woodbruidge neighborhood for Trek, the Adult Mart and The InTown Suites....a known Mecca for drug dealers......right away. Lord knows....you certainly deserve them.

Paul said...

Dan's responses definitely seem to indicate that he is one of those liberal Democrats who's tucked cozily inside his upper middle class haven and doesn't see what's going in the rest of his community.

His question about the previous apartment project not turning the neighborhood into a ghetto seems to imply that he thinks ghettos appear over night and is completely unaware of the subtle changes underway in that neighborhood.

When he says "Every mother living in the apartments owned by HEARTH is required to work. Therefore, they must pay wage taxes to the North Hills School District and to Ross Township" He seems blissfully unaware of males who "socialize" with these women, don't go through background checks, don't work, don't pay taxes and have become fixtures in the area.

There's a lot going in Ross recently that Mr. DeMarco seems to be unaware of because he's apparently blinded by the sparkling serenity of his Woodbridge community.

Woodbridge Resident said...

Dear Mr. Demarco: As one of your neighbors in Woodbridge myself and several of the other residents would appreciate it if you would ask us first before you welcome low income housing into our complex.WE DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU SPEAKING FOR US. Maybe you could buy a home in the area they want to build this housing. I am sure someone would sell you a home before their property value goes down. You should be comfortable with this since you had no qualms about putting this development in a nice quiet residential area.

Paul said...

"Federal law dictates the inability to prohibit its location."

Yes Mr. Demarco we understand that...

And that's precisely why people who hold attitudes such as yours regarding this type of project, people who are so blissfully unaware of the impact they have on property values, the community and the efforts of parents to raise their children with a decent set of morals, need to be kept out of the legislatures both state and federal to prevent such laws from being passed in the first place as well as to get rid of those that are already there.

Like I said earlier, I'm just your neighbor so I can't vote in your district and I'm probably not going to cast a vote for president this year... but bet your last dollar my whole family will be out voting against Jason Altmire and anyone else from the left side of the Democratic Party who's shows such callous disregard for the communities they allege to represent by passing the very laws you are currently hiding behind.

I can only hope those in Ross who can vote on the issue will do the same.

jeremiah said...

Can I get an AMEN! to that brother!

We'll also be making a point of getting out to vote against Jason Altmire in November it's just unfortunate that within the race Dan D. is part of all the choices seem to share his attitude that unwed mothers living of the work and sweat of others are asset to our communities and the kind of example we should be setting before our kids and just as likely to hide their unpopular opinions behind the current laws.

As James Burn and Dan Onorato carry out their nefarious plans to eliminate all alternatives to the democrats in Allegheny County the hope that we'll have any real options for change in the laws dims.

A number of candidates all holding the same views, all from the same party and no alternative - county politics looks far to much like that of the old soviet union if you ask me.

Speech Writer said...

Dear Dan: I have the perfect speech for you to give to be elected. It goes as follows: I am against Wallmart building in Ross because it would bring jobs and tax revenue to Ross. I am for building "affordable housing" because it will bring losers that will drain the tax coffers.I think this speech will surely get you elected.

Anonymous said...

Why even have commissioners if you
can only vote certain ways?
You want us to assume the Hearth Trek lawsuit could not be won. Could Ross have won it on quality of life issues such as the red bed, it is a designated slide prone area, width of the street, increase traffic, and the big one ---water run off? You saw that video of the water run off.
That is probably what the commissioners that voted NO considered when they voted.
Now you say,
"If Wal-Mart satisfies all zoning and land development ordinances of Ross Township to build a Super Center, I will have a duty to approve its plan to build on McKnight Road."
What about quality of life issues?
Again why have commissioners if they can not make up their own minds on how to vote? Just have a rubber stamp instead of the commissioners.

Chamberlain said...

I heard you only got 8 vote at the Democratic endorsement today.

Anonymous said...

He did very poorly, and if you guys don't want a "party boss" as your new representative, you had better get behind someone who can actually beat Bodack.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though poor Dan has been taking the heat for the Hearth/Trek "affordable housing" to be built in Ross Twp, when in fact all the commissioners and the planning committee are at fault. He states that this type of housing can be built anywhere they want to build it but that is only if they find the loopholes to meet their plans. And Ross Twp. gave them the loopholes.In one of Ross Twp. ordinances it states that when a petition is denied Ross has to give a reason why.(Such as slope requirements-water runoff-street width etc.) yet when the commissioners sent the letter to
Trek Development all it said was that the plan was denied with no explanation. This gave Trek/Hearth the loophole they needed to go forth with this project. The commissioners goofed and a entire neighborhood will suffer because of it. So Dan not only you are to blame. But I bet if this project were to be built in North Hills Estates or Bennington Woods a whole different approach would be taken.