Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Democratic committee endorsement...

Hey guys,

Earlier this week, Allegheny County Democratic Committee endorsed former Pittsburgh City Councilman Len Bodack for the race in the 21st legislative district.

From the Post-Gazette:

In the 21st Legislative District, in Pittsburgh's eastern neighborhoods, former city Councilman Len Bodack Jr. had twice as many votes as his closest competitor, former state Rep. Frank Pistella, who was seeking the committee's support to return to the seat he lost in the Democratic primary to Lisa Bennington two years ago.

Ms. Bennington has announced her plan to retire after only one term in Harrisburg.

Mr. Bodack had 60 votes, followed by Mr. Pistella, with 29; Dominic Costa, a former Pittsburgh police official, 11; Dan DeMarco, 8; county Councilwoman Brenda Frazier, 3; and Paul McKrell, 1.

Mr. Bodack is seeking a return to public life after being ousted from his City Council seat last year in a primary loss to Councilman Patrick Dowd.

I am the type who thinks endorsements usually don't matter that much. As a Ross Township resident, I don't know that much about Bodack but when I "Googled" him, the results were not flattering. I plan on getting more information about Bodack but, once again, I'm not sure how much weight the endorsement holds.

Those of you who know about Bodack, feel free to post your comments.

The only thing the endorsement may do is persuade certain candidates from dropping their bid for the seat. However, I still believe several candidates will continue their runs for the legislative position.

Working to keep you posted...


Paul said...

My family owns a business Bodack's former Lawrenceville district and as had many dealings with the guy. I've had a few conversations with the guy as well. The unflattering things you've read about him don't scratch the surface. To say he's the consummate party boss/machine operative would be an understatement.

If residents of the 21st district don't want to see an extension of the dirty dealings of city government and it's pay to play system, if you don't want to have to crawl on you knees to be heard by your "representative" you need to start thing about voting for the Republican candidate no matter who it is.

I pity the residents of Ross who might end up being "represented" by Len Bodack and don't hold much hope for the future of the area if it happens.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Paul. I think Len Bodack will be much more approachable than any of the other Democratic Candidates. He is planning to get to know more of the citizens in the North Hills and is planning to have an office in the North Hill corridor if he wins the election.
In short we feel unlike others, he will support and fight for his constituent in the 21st district.
Many of us in the Ross area are supporting him.

Paul said...

Len Bodack will be approachable by only registered Democrats and those willing to contribute to his campaign.

That is how the pay to play system works in the city, the system he's partly responsible for creating.

If you're a Republican, independent, Libertarian or member of any other third party; you'll have no voice what so ever in a district represented by Lenny Bodack or any other piece of the party apparatus. Suburbs like Ross have been the last refuge of those seeking to escape the perverted one party machine politics that has doomed the city; should Bodack become the representative of the district Katie bar the door it'll all be over in no time and the you'll be able to hear the rush of jobs and tax paying citizen out of the area.

Len Bodack is easily the worst thing that could happen to Ross - there will be nothing to stop James Burn and Dan Onorato from stamping out the last bits of the democratic process that still exist in the North Hills.

Anonymous said...

I don't like and will not vote for Dan Onorato because he gave $640,000 of Home monies to the Benet Woods developement.
I won't vote for anybody who gave them money or voted to approve it.
I am not the only person who feels this way.