Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dan DeMarco responds... again...

Well, you Tattlers have been responding to Dan DeMarco's responses to your issues with him. Dan DeMarco, Ross Township Commissioner and candidate for a state legislative seat, wrote:

Dear Ticked off taxpayer :

OK. For the second or third time, let me explain it to you.

Your question was: Why do we have commissioners that vote and then change their vote when threatened with a law suit? The federal lawsuit named Ross Township as a defendant. It also named four individual commissioners as defendants. The result of a verdict against Ross Township and the four individual commissioners would be monetary damages, much like a lawsuit in which a person would be found responsible for rear ending a motorist who suffered permanent physical injuries and then be ordered to pay thousands of dollars to the injured motorist.

Ross Township is insured, BUT, our liability insurance would not pay for a verdict of money damages against the Township in a federal discrimination lawsuit. Accordingly, the money to pay the verdict would come right out of the Township’s budget. This is YOUR money and the money and ALL of the taxpayers of Ross Township.

Moreover, each individual commissioner would have to pay out of his or her OWN pocket any verdict of monetary damages awarded against them. Now, let me ask you this: If you were sitting as a commissioner faced with these circumstances how would you vote? Do you have thousands of dollars to pay a verdict rendered against you? Likely you would have to sell your cars and your house.

As for an individual’s First Amendment rights to speak out, I’m all for it. Unfortunately, the laws don’t give blanket protection to everything a person says. There are limits.
I recall that the same opposition from the neighborhood was displayed when HEARTH converted the St. Benedict’s school into apartments for single mothers. Has that turned your neighborhood turning into a “ghetto?”

You also stated as follows: “The $10 million spent on the Stadium is a drop in the bucket compared to what Hearth has cost the taxpayers. At least we have something to show for the money spent on the Stadium.” Exactly what do we have to show for the money spent on the Stadium? What has it done differently for the school district? Has it improved the education of the students in the school district? Were you in favor of the taxpayers’ money being spent to build PNC Park and Heinz Field? How have you personally benefited from PNC Park and Heinz Field?

Are you paying less in taxes now due to the construction of PNC Park and Heinz Field?

Dear Anonymous :

I’ve been knocking on doors for days and have not had one person ask me about the HEARTH matter. So, I should have learned last night who this “other” candidate is? I did not see any other candidate other than the ones that have been declared now for several weeks.

As the Tattler has asked before: Can you tell me this candidate’s name?

Finally, I have a very hard time believing you or your “candidate” would vote any differently if faced with the exact circumstances with which the Ross commissioners were facing. It is easy to say otherwise when one is looking from the outside in. Sometimes, Anonymous, laws do not seem fair, but we have to obey them. Otherwise, we’d be a society in chaos, much like many third world countries.


Anonymous said...

Mr.DeMarco: What do we have for the God knows how much money it has cost the Ross Taxpayers for the Hearth children attending the North Hills School District free of charge? As for the apartments in the St. Benedict's School Sister Michelle said quote"They are monitered 24/7 "I guess she doesn't sleep. Being a Catholic has nothing to do with wanting to save a neighborhood. Most of the people in the area have been here for generations. This project will bring in transient tenants. Most of the homes are owner occupied so you should understand our opposition. Try knocking on some of the doors in this area and see what questions you might get.Also in response to what "papers" have been lost we suggest you ask Don Gates-Dan Hankins-Tom Lavorini. We believe something is haywire with the fact that the 15 apartments in the school is not kosher. If I owned a 15 unit apartment building could I have it tax free. I don't think so.

Roseland Avenue Resident said...

I just want to know if my taxes will be lowered when the value of my property goes down from the building of the Hearth/
Trek project. I have yet to see how this project will be as asset to the community.

Paul said...

"Has that turned your neighborhood turning into a “ghetto?”

You know as a nearby Shaler resident I don't have a dog in this fight but I do feel compelled to this address this question...

As a former city resident who was attracted to the North Hills because of quality of life issues I would say that while the area around the Saint Benedict apartments isn't a ghetto, yet, having observed from far and near there is definitely a change underway in the neighborhood, a change that began not long after the apartments opened, and it's not a change for the better.

Yet another Hearth project, an increase in the amount of section 8 housing in the Ross region bordering Millvale, an increasing number of empty retail spots along the McKnight corridor, some of the spots being filled by "dollar stores," Aldis and other business that cater to the lower incomes; Yes there absolutely is a discernible trend underway in Ross, a trend similar to the ones I watched unfold in the Greenfield and Bloomfield neighborhoods of the city.

Is it a ghetto today, perhaps not, but your efforts and those of your fellow Democratic commissioners have definitely set things in motion that will get you there in 10 to 15 years... and the latest Hearth project will only accelerate things.

Like the neighborhoods I mentioned as well as those in Monroeville, Wilkins Twp, Penn Hills and others, by the time the working families and tax payers realize what's been done to their neighborhoods there'll be enough imported poverty in the community, enough voters collecting government checks that the concerns of the first group will be subverted to those of the latter and there'll be no turning back.

I'll predict now that in 10 years Ross won't be recognizable as the place is today, much of the tax base will have moved on out even further and the only people who will be pleased with the results will be the politicians who prosper on creating and managing poverty.

Looking for an honest answer. said...

Mr. DeMarco:We would like a honest answer from you on this subject. Would you like the Hearth/Trek project built next door or across the street from you? Remember now an honest answer.

Anonymous said...

The pay raise issue has been addressed. If that is the major crux of your campaign (and I believe it is since you have it underlined), then what you are really is saying is that your campaign has no substance. Your local track record, which is receiving much attention, is representative of how you would act as a legislator. So far, I am not impressed.

Someone loving this blog said...

Regarding comment to Mr. Demarco about an honest answer. Better yet have him ask his neighbors the same question. I bet I know what that answer would be.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see on your flyer posted on this blog you state under COMMITMENTS you are on the Board of Directors Benedictine Center.
I didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan Demarko

I really do think that if you let the Steeler's beat the Browns by at least 4o pts, this will resolve the HEARTH project and keep you inh office. Plus, if you remove those darn floor mats off your car floor I guarantee you will be back inoffice. It is a conspiracy via Cleveland through the Browns that is keeping the project from becoming accepted from a bunch of transplants pretending to be from Pitt when they are from cleve Causing you grief.