Thursday, February 21, 2008

Changes at Ross Park Mall...

Weeks after posting about changes at Ross Park mall, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has published an interesting article in their business section.

From the Post-Gazette:

Say good-bye to Frederick's of Hollywood. The lingerie merchant is leaving Ross Park Mall this week. The Limited is already gone, as is The Children's Place, Ritz Camera and Radio Shack. Carlton Cards will sell its last sympathy card by the end of the month.

The mall is abuzz with talk about what may be coming in to replace exiting stores. Merchants have heard names such as Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang, Juicy Couture and Burberry, all high-end brands.

Mall officials won't confirm store names but they don't deny the North Hills shopping center is changing in preparation for the arrival of retail star, Nordstrom, scheduled to open Oct. 24. "This is the biggest year in the mall's history," said Lisa Earl, mall manager.

If it's odd to think one department store could re-shape a mall, remember Seattle has drawn many supplicants seeking the favor of the well-reputed merchant whose home base is there. Mall owners, real estate brokers and even government officials have all envisioned economic development hope kick-started by cute shoes from Nordstrom.

But change can bring pain along with the gain, and that trade-off has stirred up more than a few debates -- not to mention some tears -- among the merchants, customers and even bloggers who take an interest in Ross Park Mall.

Yes, this Tattler sent a news tip to a few local papers about this issue and at least the Post-Gazette has jumped on it. While Ross Park Mall officials are saying that the shopping facility is not becoming too upscale, I think they are not going to resemble what they offer today.

Granted, it won't be an upscale mall like The Galleria in the South Hills, but will have a lot of offerings to upscale crowds. Is this a good idea?

Only time will tell.

Working to keep you posted...


Steve said...

This is great news! I practically live next to the mall and am really not interested in driving into the city and dealing with parking just to buy some quality threads.

Anonymous said...

Becoming upscale is a double-edged sword. Ross Park Mall is already a destination mall because of Coach, Banana Republic, a large Macys, J.CREW, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, H.Baskin, the Cheesecake Factory, etc. It will only continue to draw people in, while still catering to younger people or those who don't buy into the whole upscale-is-better idea with stores like Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, JCPenney, and so on.

There are people who aren't going to like it, we all know this. People are going to moan and groan that it is "TOO" upscale. Not ALL of the existing stores are going out of business, however. Ross Park Mall and the Simon Property Group have done a great job of providing a shopping atmosphere for everyone at all points on the spectrum- whether you are a mall rat, a teeny-bopper, a stay-at-home mother frequenting the mall 4x a week, the family who enjoys shopping together on the weekend, whoever you might be.

I don't think that they will let this important priority go. Knowing the management of the mall personally, I am convinced that they will not make any rash decisions which will result in catering only to a small population of shoppers. Our money keeps the mall afloat-- would they REALLY jeopardize this???

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain while Childrens' Place is too downscale? Especially given the number of...wait for it....CHILDREN in the North Hills?

Anonymous said...

That PG story sounds like nothing but a boatload of rumors. If I didn't know the facts, I would be outraged, but as someone who knows the area well, I see that story for what it was -- a pathetic attempt at trying to beat the competition in an area the paper is being severely out-written.
Tattler, my guess is the other local papers realized this story is nothing but a bunch of rumors.

Anonymous said...

The Childrens Place DID NOT close because it isn't upscale enough. They had a rent increase that was not approved in time and had to vacate. That was the malls decision to raise the rent and not extend the deadline.

Olivia said...

Ross Park doesn't have a DRUGSTORE (such as CVS), a BOOKSTORE (like Waldens), or a TOY STORY (like KB Toys)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me mad. I realize some people may enjoy the high-end snobby stores, but others don't care!! I'm sure a lot of us want our old mall back!!