Friday, February 22, 2008

Bodack speaks... (Part 3)

Here is the final piece of information from Len Bodack, candidate for the state house seat in the 21st district. This legislative district is comprised of parts of the City of Pittsburgh, Ross Township, Shaler Township and other areas.

From Len Bodack:

I’m ready to take the skills I learned on Pittsburgh City Council to the state level as your representative in the General Assembly. After meeting with so many community leaders from the district in this campaign, it’s no surprise that we share so many of the same concerns:

- Public Safety costs are rising for all local governments in a Post 9-11 world

- The state must help with solutions

- Real property tax reform – Not lip service

- Better management of storm water runoff into our watersheds

- Effective flood controls for our downstream riverfront communities

- Expand the educational opportunities at all levels for our children

- Fix our transportation system

- Affordable healthcare for everyone

- Open and transparent government with no late night deals

- No tax dollars paid to employees for political work

- Accessible district office with a dedicated staff

I believe that listening to the people is the most important, but sometimes the most often overlooked quality that we demand from our elected representatives. I plan to staff local offices in the Babcock-McKnight corridor as well as the city for convenient access to all residents. As your legislator, I promise to always listen and represent your concerns in Harrisburg.

I'm glad many of you have learned a little more about Bodack (I know I did). Depending on what issues are important to you this may help you make a final decision when it comes to this election.

I think it is especially important to note that he plans to open a permanent office in the North Hills. While other politicians have used Ross Township Community Center on a limited basis, I think it would be a great step to have an office elsewhere in the area.

The one thing that is clear is Bodack really needs a Web site outlining his platform. If you would like to contact him, call 412-688-8778.

As you all know, I don't play favorites. So, if there are any other candidates out there for the position, I would be happy to interview you.

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Anonymous said...

- Open and transparent government with no late night deals

Then why didn't you disclose your cell phone bill when asked rather than taking it to litigation?

I don't call that being transparent.

Anonymous said...

I find your platform interesting. However,it lacks substance since you propose no solutions. "Fix our transporation system." How do you propose to do that?

"No late night deals." Did you know that the House Rules were changed and that session cannot go beyond 11:00? Apparently not or you would not have promised no late night deals, since late night deals are not an option for anyone unless you have 2/3 vote of the Legislature.

Empty promises. I wonder, what will that equate to if Bodack is elected? I say anybody but Bodack.

FiatLux said...

What a joke! Same old empty content, lazy do-nothing words,and a suggestion that ethics matter! Just for starters:
- No tax dollars paid to employees for political work
We expect this embarrassment of a former elected official to upgrade his vision, his behavior, and his code of conduct as a state legislator when he couldn't do it as a city council rep?
Try and get a real job Len, you're ripped off plenty already.

Anonymous said...

I give Bodack credit for putting himself out here in a public forum. It takes courage to address voters in a medium where detractors are free to attack anonymously. I can see why bullies in our schools use venues such as blogs, it can be hurtful if one does not have a very thick skin. You got my vote Len.

Anonymous said...

Unfounded attacks can be very hurtful. Perhaps you should decide whether the criticisms are in fact unfounded. My primary concern is the platform Bodack is putting forward is rhetoric without solutions. Second, it demonstrates that he does not know what is taking place in Harrisburg or the change that has taken place. Most of what Bodack states as a promise for action is already underway, which concerns me that he will attempt to take credit for work initiated by other legislators. Another very important issue is the environment. I did not see anything addressing that in his "informational piece." What environmental issues does Bodack support? My final comment is that if he can't take the criticism, then he shouldn't put himself out there in the first place, especially with a platform that lacks substance.

Anonymous said...

It easy to post negative comments about politicians. As a elected official, you can never make everyone happy all the time because there are difficult decision to make. I ask everyone instead critizing why don't you get involved. I for one have met Mr. Bodack several times and I can assure you that he is better than the other candidates that are entered in this race and the previous two elected officials who represented the 21st district.

Anonymous said...

Why get involved and back someone whose rhetoric lacks substance? And his website -- it is misleading, which has me concerned in that I am afraid it reflects his overall character. Do what you want - I for one will not vote for him, and I wouldn't waste my time getting involved.

I do not think he is better than the other candidates. I agree that he is better than Bennington. That is the only point on which I agree. In closing, I can say that it is very obvious that you do not understand Harrisburg politics.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is Google Bodack before you think of voting for him.

He was our city council person and we voted him out for a number of good reasons!

It's all about not wanting to work and taking care of the Bodack pockets. He and his father have both held public offices and both rented their district office spaces in Bodack owned properties.

I voted against him before and will vote against him in this election. Like I said Google his name and you decide.

He knew in May of 2007 that he would be unemployed, so why didn't he start looking?

He did! He first asked the mayor for a job and was told NO, he tried his Dad's friends at the Turnpike commission and they said NO and so being on the Water and Sewer Auth Board, he tried his freinds at the Pgh Water and Sewer Authority and his fellow board members said NO!

That should tell you something about his desire to find a real job.

Now it's time for him to go to find work in a real job like the rest of us.