Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who do you like???

While this Tattler has already said that Ross Township Commissioner Dan DeMarco may be a good choice to take the legislative seat of Lisa Bennington in Harrisburg, I was wondering what you all felt.

Who do you think would be a good candidate? Do you feel ex-representative Frank Pistella or ???

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Anonymous said...

I will not vote for Dan DeMarco because he voted for the Benet Woods Project and was influential in the re vote for it.
We have been aware for several days now of him possibly running. We will be reminding the more than 150 people in our area that he voted for Benet Woods and opposed to our wishes.
We have someone in mind but will not state who it is at this time!!

Jeff said...

I'm very interested to see who your "horse" is in the race. E-mail me at

I can keep your secret.

Anonymous said...

We need someone who can protect the district in the next legislative reapportionment. Ross already has three representatives. We need to stop gerrymandering. Pistella gets my vote.

Jeff said...

Ross should only have 1 rep who deals with the whole township. Also, none of the current state reps are from Ross.

Bennington - Morningside

Ramaley - Sewickley area

Walko - Northside

Vulakovich - Shaler

It makes me think back to the days of Dave Mayernik.