Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ross legislator not seeking re-election...

While watching NightTalk on PCNC this evening, I learned that Lisa Bennington (D-21) will not be seeking re-election to Pennsylvania's house of representatives. Bennington won election in 2006 thereby ousting longtime legislator Frank Pistella.

From the Pittsburgh Trib:

Elected as a reformer with visions of changing the way the state House operates, Rep. Lisa Bennington announced Thursday she will not seek re-election to a second term.

Bennington, 31, a Democrat from Morningside, defeated longtime Democratic incumbent Frank Pistella last year. Her two-year term will end Nov. 30.

From the Post-Gazette:

In 2006, she said, " ran for the Legislature because I was outraged that there were so few women elected to our state government," she said in a news release.

While this Tattler likes Bennington personally, I'm not that disappointed that she is not seeking another term. She won on a platform of reform in Harrisburg and I haven't seen much happen under that issue. I do understand that it is quite a daunting task to get anything done in the state and hopefully a good field of candidates throw their hats in the race.

It would be nice for once since the restructuring of legislative districts to have a representative whom actually lives in Ross Township rather than Bloomfield. There is one Ross Township commissioner who would be a great choice.

Hey, miracles can always happen.

Working to keep you posted...


Ross Twp. Irate Taxpayer said...

We who live in Ross Twp. would like to know which commissioner you would choose to take Lisa Bennington's place. I hope it would be someone who would at least show up for the Ross Twp. meetings. I don't think she ever showed up for anything that had to do with Ross Twp. When she was asked to attend a meeting for
Hearth/Benet Woods project she said that this was a community issue and she would not get involved. And for Gerry O'Brian he didn't show up either. So much for our elected officials.

Jeff said...

First of all, I'm a life-long Ross resident who happens to live in Lisa Bennington's district.

The commissioner I was alluding to would be Dan DeMarco (Ward 1).

He is one local leader that listens to his constituents and works hard to make this area a better place to live. He is also involved with the local volunteer fire departments.

While he did vote in favor of the HEARTH plan, I believe it was because of legal reasons that the development met township ordinances and not necessarily his personal opinion.

He would be a welcomed voice in Harrisburg. However, I doubt that is something he would even be considering.

Remember, with Ross Township being sliced up into several districts for the state house, It is unlikely someone from Ross would win an election for Bennington's seat.

While a small portion of the district represents Ross, a larger piece of the pie is within the city (Bloomfield, etc).