Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Seneca Valley educators file second complaint against district...

And the Seneca Valley saga continues...

Because of the long strike that Seneca Valley underwent recently, school board members voted to extend the school year past June 15 in able to provide at least some holiday vacations during the school year.

Educators apparently filed a complaint against the school district over this action. Doesn't make much sense to this Tattler since the action gives some time off during the holidays.

From the Post-Gazette:

The charge was made last week after the district scheduled June 23 as the final day of classes for students and the school board approved the revised calendar at its Nov. 19 special meeting.
Teachers are claiming the calendar violates Act 88, the law regulating collective bargaining, by not having 180 days of instruction by June 15.

District officials said June 23 was chosen to allow for some holiday vacation time for students around both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The first charge filed by the union was an allegation that the district threatened to reduce its wage increase offer for a new contract by a percentage for each day teachers were on strike. A hearing had been scheduled for yesterday but was postponed.

As I said before, this complaint doesn't make sense. While I'm not an educational expert, this Tattler's common sense tends to think at least some holiday break for those involved is better than none.

Working to keep you posted...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it may make sense to the un-informed, but State laws mandate that the school year be completed by June 15 and the SV School Board has chosen to make their own rules. In order to protect the Unions option for a second strike and to follow the law, they filed this suit to hold the school board accountable since nothing else seems to work.