Wednesday, December 12, 2007

McCandless leaders may develop a part of McKnight Road...

While many may think that McKnight Road is as developed as it can be, local officials are looking to develop land in McCandless. When Duncan Road was connected to McKnight many thought a tract of land south of Cumberland Road would have quickly been built upon but it still remains vacant.

It looks like local McCandless officials are looking to do just that.

From the McKnight Journal:

Last week, the town planning commission and representatives from Ad-Venture Development, LLC began official conversations about developing the 135 acres along the McKnight Road corridor south of Cumberland Road, just past Duncan Road.

In 1986, McCandless officials saw the area along McKnight Road as an ideal location for a town center development. Officials wrote ordinances to extend Duncan Road through to McKnight Road, and zoned surrounding properties as a "D-Development District," which is a performance zoning district that permits a wide range of uses while being sensitive to natural resources and adjacent properties.

Ever since Duncan Road was connected to McKnight, rumors have run rampant as to what might be built in that location. The biggest rumor that this Tattler has heard is that a movie theater will be built there and Showcase Cinemas North will close.

You can't always trust rumor but it will be interesting to see what commercial properties will be built on this tract of land. If you know of anything feel free to post a comment.

Working to keep you posted...


Paul said...

I sure hope the rumors of a theater are true. I've long thought the one major thing lacking in the NHs was a modern theater with stadium seating, VIP seating and good sound. When we go to a movie we always travel to either the Lowes at the Waterfront or the Pittsburgh Mills in order to avoid the dilapidated Carmike and outdated and cramped Showcase Cinemas.

A nice theater and a Super Walmart and I may never spend another dollar outside of the North Hills.

Anonymous said...

I too hope for a theater. Showcase Cinemas was outdated 15 years ago and I actually preferred Northway Mall Cinemas until it closed.

They should demolish Showcase and put a golf course on the property. Just like old times.

(Sorry for commenting on such an old post, but I saw this one here and I couldn't resist...I've lived in the North Hills since 1986 and have always been disappointed in the theater here).