Friday, December 21, 2007

North Hills news...

Here are a few news bits from this Tattler's alma mater -- North Hills School District.

~ Apparently a new principal will come to the helm of Ross Elementary School - this Tattler's elementary school.

From the North Hills web site:

Mr. Jeff Anderchak, an experienced school administrator has been tapped as the new principal of Ross Elementary School, the largest of the seven elementary schools in the North Hills School District. Jeffrey Anderchak, assistant principal of McKnight Elementary School in North Allegheny, will join the district’s administrative staff after the New Year.

Mr. Anderchak has served as assistant principal at McKnight Elementary for two years. This experience has provided him several opportunities to develop and expand his administrative and leadership skills. In addition to supervising a staff of approximately 35 teachers, Mr. Anderchak played a crucial role in the overall management of the school and its educational programs.

~ North Hills will soon close three grade schools and Ross Township Zoning Hearing Board has stalled those plans.

From the North Hills web site:

The North Hills School District requested a slope variance from the Ross Township Zoning Hearing Board on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007. Members of the Zoning Hearing Board did not take action on the request. However, they stated that they would either approve or deny the variance within 45 days as required by law.

The school district is seeking approval from the Ross Township Zoning Commission for a slope variance at the Highcliff Elementary School property in order to renovate and expand the facility. Site designs were submitted to the Zoning Hearing Board in September.

Working to keep you posted...

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