Sunday, December 16, 2007

HEARTH sues Ross Township...

After having plans denied by a 4-4 vote last month, HEARTH officials have decided to go ahead and sue Ross Township for the right to build an affordable housing plan in the municipality. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with the plans.

From the Post-Gazette:

The developers of an affordable housing project that was planned for Ross have filed a federal lawsuit against the township and four commissioners there, claiming discrimination against the plan that would have benefited homeless and single women.

The 23-page complaint, filed Thursday, seeks a temporary injunction against the township, which rejected the plan for the construction of 11 townhouse units last month.
The Nov. 13 meeting where the $2.8 million project was voted down drew more than 100 people.

This Tattler has been in talks with a commissioner who voted in favor of the project. This Ross Township leader said:

I voted to approve the development, and legally, the Township could not deny the plan in light of the fact that HEARTH met all of our zoning ordinances. The danger faced by the commissioners who voted against the approval of the plan is that the judge on appeal could possibly award attorney’s fees to HEARTH, and those commissioners who voted against the plan could be personally liable to pay those fees.

While some may be supportive of this project many others came out to rail against the development plans. One North Hills Tattler wrote:

The reasons for opposing this project has been concern for flooding of Roseland Avenue from the water runoff that already exists and will only get worse if 5 acres of a wooded area are cleared.

The other reason is the safety of children on this very narrow steep street. We the neighbors of this area invite anyone to visit this area and let us know if you would want your children walking on this street. Two cars cannot pass each other.

How will cars be able to pull out of driveways on this narrow street?

Working to keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

This area is a slide prone area. TREK only wanted to widen the street to 22 feet because of this.
My understanding of this is they must widen the street to 26 feet (the upper part of the street is 35 feet wide) and the townhomes must be back 25 feet from a 40 foot right of way now. No further comment was made about them being back further into a slide prone zone. Will this cause the land to slide? Remember this property is sloped and has many old growth trees on it now which is probably holding the hill. There is also red bed (clay).
At the commissioners meeting prior to the vote the residents showed a video of the water run off from a summer storm. It was an impressive video.
I don't feel the commissioners discriminated against HEARTH, I feel there were many concerns expressed that would cause doubt about the suitibality of this property for development.
Remember too, home owners on Roseland stated about the movement of the hillside were they built and flooding of their properties. One home owner has there own bobcat shovel.
Commissioners hang in there. We support your decision to vote no.

Paul said...

What's the news here? This is typical of the socialist left that run programs like Hearth; can't get you way at the ballot box or through elected representatives then just find a sympathetic judge who's willing to ignore their legitimate responsibilities and force your desires on the community.

Same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

Ross comissioner's revoted last night when faced with huge legal fees from TREK.
They voted in favor of building.
How can you win when your tax dollars are used to fight against you.
St Benedicts and HEARTH will never get another penney from me. I will not patronize any company that is a contribitor to them either. Nor in fact will any other non-profit for humans get one red cent of my money. Why should I? So they can live in nicer houses than me?
The only exception is the Salvation Army and only because they will help the working man when they have a house fire.

Paul said...

Perhaps they changed their minds because Lana Mazur's boy needs a new place to steal women's undies from.

Ross Twp. sold out taxpayer said...

Small Ross Twp. community sold out by their own commissioners. Ross commissioners on Monday Dec. 17 changed their vote regarding the Hearth/Trek housing project on Rodenbaugh. So anyone wishing to build anything in Ross Twp. and who doesn't get the approval at a Ross Twp. meeting just threaten to sue Ross Twp. and the commissioners who vote against your project and even if the property you want to build on threatens the neighbors and safety of children , you can be sure the commissioners will pass it if they are threatened by being sued. Just make sure you have unlimited government funding like Hearth and
Trek have.

Anonymous said...

Not only have the commissioner's caved in to a lawsuit, but they will give concessions. Ross taxpayers will pay to widen the street and pave it according to the McKnight Journal.
TERK also is given a free pass on not having to install a water quality inlet.