Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Election results...

Well, the polls have closed and ballots were counted. The City of Pittsburgh remains controlled by one political party and local suburban residents won't notice many leadership changes locally.

The unofficial vote totals are as follows:

In North Hills School District, Jeff Meyer received 5,750 votes; Lou Nudi - 5,359; Arlene Bender - 4,996; Robert Barto - 4,731; Ed Wielgus - 4,305; and Tara Howey - 4,006.

So as you may have gathered, all of the candidates this Tattler endorsed have earned their local constituents' nod. The five seats available will be filled by incumbents Meyer, Bender and Wielgus as well as newcomers Barto and Nudi.

In Ross Township, voters chose to give two incumbents another term on the board of commissioners. Both Dan Kinross (Ward 3) and Grant Montgomery (Ward 9) were re-elected by less than 100 votes each.

West View residents should expect more of the same as one political party continues to run the borough. Incumbents Joseph Nowark and Barry Schell gained the voters' nod as well as newcomer Donald Mikec, brother of Ross Township Commissioner David Mikec.

Two independents did not garner enough votes to take one of the seats including Constitutional candidates Jim Barr and Dave Urban. No republican candidates ran in the election.

West View Mayor J.R. Henry also received votes to finish the term he was appointed to last year. He ran unopposed in the primary.

Seems like much of the same to this Tattler. Hopefully all of these incumbents will come up with a vision to change their respective constituencies for the better.

Working to keep you posted...

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