Monday, November 5, 2007

Election Endorsements - Ross Township...

At the polls tomorrow, residents of Ross Township's third and ninth wards should vote to re-elect their incumbent commissioner. The third ward represents Laurel Gardens while the ninth is near McIntyre Elementary.

However, even though both incumbents received this Tattlers endorsement, it was given very hesitantly. Had stronger candidates ran against either commissioner, these two would have a difficult time getting re-elected.

In the third ward, Dan Kinross is running for re-election after serving for nearly two decades. While he usually has the best interest in mind for township residents, Kinross may want to focus on bigger projects over the next four years.

This commissioner tends to focus solely on getting a plethora of stop and handicapped parking signs installed. He also has taken a stand unreasonably against certain issues such as the new township newsletter earlier this year.

In the ninth ward, Grant Montgomery usually does what is best for his community. Although his attendance record is not the best, Grant consistently has served his constituents. He may want to work on bigger projects that will put his name on the map over the next term.

Working to keep you posted...

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