Monday, November 5, 2007

Election Endorsements - North Hills...

While tomorrow's Election Day turnout may be quite low because of rain and it being an off-year election, residents in Ross Township and West View will fill several North Hills School Board positions.

In North Hills, there are six candidates vying for five seats. This Tattler recommends that you mark your ballots for incumbents Ed Wielgus, Jeff Meyer and Arlene Bender. Votes should also be placed for Lou Nudi and Robert Barto.

Ed Wielgus has been on the board for several years and is a hawk when it comes to fiscal matters. While he did vote to close Seville, Northway and Perrysville elementaries, Wielgus is a candidate that deserves to be re-elected.

Jeff Meyer is vying for election to a second term and is another candidate that focuses on what is best for the district's finances. It is smart to elect board members that believe in fiscal accountability and because of that, Meyer deserves a second term.

Arlene Bender has served on the board for two decades and tends to vote on what she thinks is best for North Hills students. While that is respectable, this Tattler can only hesitantly endorse Bender because she has consistently voted in favor of tax increases.

Lou Nudi deserves your vote because of his work with various committees in the area and his knowledge of the issues the board may face in the future. He is another candidate that believes in fiscal responsibility when making decisions.

Robert Barto deserves your vote because of his experience in government management. He also has good knowledge of the issues facing North Hills.

If you agree with me or not, just get out there and cast a ballot on Election Day.

Working to keep you posted...

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