Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Altmire to have tough time in 2008...

Now that Election Day has come and gone, many are looking forward to the political races next year. While some politicians may slide to another victory, freshman U.S. Congressman Jason Altmire (D-4) may have to go round for round to be victorious.

As this Tattler has said in the past, former congresswoman Melissa Hart will most likely seek the Republican nomination for her former post. Other candidates will likely include Lynn Swann, former gubernatorial candidate and former Allegheny County Councilman Ron Francis.

From USA Today:

After picking up four House seats in 2006, Democrats could have a tough time holding them. Rep. Jason Altmire, who unseated Republican Melissa Hart in 2006, will face her again if she wins the primary. Former football star Lynn Swann also is considering a run against Altmire.

National Republicans are helping Hart raise money and running newspaper ads against Altmire.

So, while this past election may have seemed to be a bore for suburbanites -- next year's races will be a welcomed change.

Working to keep you posted...


Paul said...

Well three votes in my household are going for whoever runs against Altmire and everyone I've spoken with in my neighborhood about it plans to do the same including the few who had signs up for the guy last time.

During the last campaign Jason may have fooled some Hart supporters that he was a moderate pro-life Democrat but in his short time in Congress he's convinced them all he's just another far left, Soros/Pelosi puppet.

SirFuller said...

No matter what one may think about Melissa Hart -- you can't deny that she brought ALOT of funding to her district. Whether it be grants to support local fire companies or monies to deal with widening Perry Highway in Wexford -- Hart made a difference in the community.

I have yet to see Jason Altmire do anything comparable.

Paul said...

Not to defend a guy I have no intention of voting for, but that's less his fault than it is the result of replacing two very senior incumbents in leadership positions with two freshmen who are basically bench warmers.

In Congress seniority rules when it comes to bringing home the funds and John Murtha, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are living large at our region's expense.

As a state that's been declining in population for some time and due to lose a couple of Congressional seats after the next census, the region had a disproportionate amount of influence (relative to it's size) in Washington's budgeting process because of the presence of Santorum and Hart.

The best thing that could probably happen for the North Hills at this point is that when the districts are redrawn District 4 (Altmire) be split in half with the northern part integrated into District 3 (Phil English) the southern in to District 18 (Tim Murphy) and try to maintain some of the seniority we have left.

Then again if Murphy should lose to one of his Democrat challengers (could the South Hills really be stupid enough to cut their own throats?) all the better for us.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Attached is an audio link to Altmire's radio interview this week regarding the $60 MILLION in funding he brought in this year. Not bad for a "bench warmer."