Friday, October 12, 2007

Stokes Grill revisited, again!

Well the Tattler finally made his way to Stoke's Grill located between Kinko's and El Campesino. I was very pleased with the quality of food and variety of offerings at the small eatery.

Stoke's offers homemade soups, pretzel sandwiches, hoagies, deli sandwiches, salads a variety of quesadillas and more.

This Tattler got a roast beef pretzel sandwich that was served on the real thing and not a pretzel-shaped bun that you would find at Sheetz.

The sandwich featured cuts of real roast beef and I don't mean the lunch meat. This sandwich was packed with flavor and I'd highly recommend it.

My father got a meatball hoagie and had good reviews on this sandwich made with real meatballs, not processed ones. Additionally, We shared an order of fried zucchini, which also got good reviews.

The only thing that could affect Stokes' chances of survival are their prices. Most sandwiches are in the $6-$7 range, much like what you would pay at Panera Bread. While the food is delicious, the prices seemed just a little high.

I would however, encourage all of you to try this place that would be great for lunch or takeout. I definitely will be a returning customer at Stoke's Grill.

Working to keep you posted...


max & aleck said...

so hi my friend and i are bored os we are going around leaving comments on random blogs. well bey.
-max & aleck

Anonymous said...

Love Stoke's Grill! The wraps are awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stoke's Grill is a wonderful choice for families wanting a quick, great-tasting dinner with a friendly atmosphere. I have to tell you, the soups are to die for! Truly amazing! So, go to Stoke's, take your family and definitely order soup!

Anonymous said...

Stokes is my favorite restaurant in North Hills. The food is delicious and the prices are good. The owners are very nice and friendly. I love it here, if they were to leave I would perish.