Sunday, October 14, 2007

North Hills Business Report...

My fellow Tattlers,

In recent weeks, the commercial corridors in the North Hills have undergone several changes.

~ Walgreens has opened in the former location of Eckerd Drug Store in McKnight-Siebert Shopping Center. Earlier this year, Eckerd got the boot to make way for the large pharmacy chain.

~ Eckerd will soon start construction for their new site along McKnight Road near Save-On-Beer. The drug store has already gotten the OK from Ross Township officials.

~ Quizno's has closed in recent weeks at their location along McKnight Road across the street from McKnight-Siebert Shopping Center. This comes as no surprise since the sandwich shop was rarely ever packed and had earlier closing times than other eateries in the area.

~ Hollywood Video at the former Ponderosa location along McKnight will be closing soon. Officials have said this is due to severe water drainage issues on the property as well as past robberies. Right now the location is liquidating videos at small prices (new releases are $7.50 and older movies range from $3 to $5).

~ Construction at Shoppes at Northway is well underway. The Aldi location looks like it will be completed by the end of the year and several new stores have opened such as Shoe Carnival and Kid Company.

~ Global Cafe has opened at the former Taco Bell location in West View. An ad for the restaurant notes that it will offer American, Asian and Mexican cuisines. It looks as if this might be a good spot to grab a quick bite to eat when on the run.

~ Patron Mexican Grill has opened along Perry Highway in Wexford just south of Pine Tree Shoppes. More info will follow.

This business report is not necessarily a bad sign for the North Hills. As time goes by, things change for a variety of reasons. Who knows what other businesses may be locating to the North Hills in the near future. Don't fret, the Tattler will fill you in with those developments.

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bluecruiser said...

FYI, the Global Cafe is not open yet in West View. Exterior work looks done, but the interior work is not complete.

Marie Bastian said...

Those sound like great renovations! I'm always one for change! I am really looking forward to the bell - north hill shopping centre kiosk to come. I think it will be a great addition! Thanks for the post! It was fantastic. So informative.