Friday, September 28, 2007


My fellow Tattlers,

Wal-Mart recently scrapped plans to build a store along Route 65, so McKnight Road here it comes....

From the Post Gazette:

Wal-Mart has abandoned attempts to create a table-top plateau on the slippery, slide-prone clays of the former Dixmont State Hospital property in Kilbuck, and will not build on or develop the site.

The decision, announced yesterday afternoon by the world's largest retailer, ends a 51/2-year battle that began when development plans were announced and intensified after a massive landslide dumped 300,000 cubic yards of dirt, rock and debris on Route 65 last September.

Wal-Mart said its revised stabilization plan, which it expects to submit to the state Department of Environmental Protection in two weeks, will return the 75-acre site to a sloped version of its pre-development, natural condition that includes trees and vegetation.

This action is what this Tattler thought was going to happen months ago. Now Wal-Mart will go full force with building along McKnight (near the former locations of Chi-Chi's Mexican Restaurant and Sam's Club).

Who knows what to think until plans are developed. This Tattler will let you know when Ross Planning Commission will review them.

Working to keep you posted...

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