Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stokes Grill revisited...

Well this Tattler finally made his way to Stokes Grill located between Kinko's and El Campesino along McKnight Road. While I originally thought this would be a sit down restaurant -- it actually serves better as a lunch spot or take-out merchant.

Stoke's offers sandwiches, small bites to eat, salads and other fare that would be great to take-out or sit in for a quick bite to eat. I would, however, advise those who are looking to sit down for dinner to avoid this establishment.

I wish Stoke's all the best and hope they can find a niche to survive. It's always nice to see a new food establishment along McKnight Road

When I get take-out from there, I'll fill all you Tattlers in on the details.

Working to keep you posted...

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Anonymous said...

We have been to Stoke's twice now. You are right, not for a sit-down dinner, but GREAT food/service so far. I recommend the green fries.