Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stokes Grill revisited...

Well this Tattler finally made his way to Stokes Grill located between Kinko's and El Campesino along McKnight Road. While I originally thought this would be a sit down restaurant -- it actually serves better as a lunch spot or take-out merchant.

Stoke's offers sandwiches, small bites to eat, salads and other fare that would be great to take-out or sit in for a quick bite to eat. I would, however, advise those who are looking to sit down for dinner to avoid this establishment.

I wish Stoke's all the best and hope they can find a niche to survive. It's always nice to see a new food establishment along McKnight Road

When I get take-out from there, I'll fill all you Tattlers in on the details.

Working to keep you posted...

Friday, September 28, 2007


My fellow Tattlers,

Wal-Mart recently scrapped plans to build a store along Route 65, so McKnight Road here it comes....

From the Post Gazette:

Wal-Mart has abandoned attempts to create a table-top plateau on the slippery, slide-prone clays of the former Dixmont State Hospital property in Kilbuck, and will not build on or develop the site.

The decision, announced yesterday afternoon by the world's largest retailer, ends a 51/2-year battle that began when development plans were announced and intensified after a massive landslide dumped 300,000 cubic yards of dirt, rock and debris on Route 65 last September.

Wal-Mart said its revised stabilization plan, which it expects to submit to the state Department of Environmental Protection in two weeks, will return the 75-acre site to a sloped version of its pre-development, natural condition that includes trees and vegetation.

This action is what this Tattler thought was going to happen months ago. Now Wal-Mart will go full force with building along McKnight (near the former locations of Chi-Chi's Mexican Restaurant and Sam's Club).

Who knows what to think until plans are developed. This Tattler will let you know when Ross Planning Commission will review them.

Working to keep you posted...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hampton Schools may become weak on drug users...

My fellow Tattlers,

I hope you all had a great summer and now I'm back with more regular posts. Over the last month or so, I switched jobs and have started on a new path from writing for a newspaper to doing a few other things in communications.

But I digress, apparently Hampton Township School officials are looking at new ways to enforce drug abuse prevention in the school district. They are considering decreasing the number of school days a student can be suspended for drug possession.

For first-time offenders, the old procedure called for a student to be suspended from school for 45 calendar days, with the non-cooperation of the student giving a possibility of up to 184 school days depending on the circumstances.

The change would keep first-time offenders out for 20 school days, with the possibility of that going up to 60 days.

Second-time offenders formerly were suspended from school for a minimum of 184 school days. The change would mean students would be suspended for 90 days at the minimum, up to 184 school days.

Third-time offenders were and still will be expelled from school permanently.

While I realize you should not look at the world in a black and white perspective, it will be a terrible mistake for Hampton if these changes are approved. School officials SHOULD increase the suspension length and offer more drug prevention initiatives.

Being proactive is the best approach. One problem could be that some deny there is a drug problem in the community when let's face it folks -- drug abuse affects people from all walks of life.

Hampton officials say they are in favor of the change because it will give building administrators the opportunity to look at things on a case by case basis. The problem is if an administrator is weak on enforcement or may have a close relationship with a suspected student would they lay down an appropriate suspension length?

That is why policies should be a detailed as possible when suspending a student. Let the policy determine how a student is punished and not an administrator.

Hopefully, Hampton School Board members come to their senses and not even let the policy changes come up for a vote. If not, election season is right around the corner.

Working to keep you posted...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stokes Grill...

A new restaurant has opened along McKnight Road between Kinko's and Emiliano's Mexican Restaurant. It is called Stoke's Grill and unfortunately, that is all I know at this point.

If anyone has any information to share, post a comment or email me at

Emiliano's a success?

Despite this Tattler's view of Emiliano's Mexican Restaurant at the former location of Don Pablo's in McIntyre Square, some fellow Tattlers have come to enjoy this new business.

Stephanie wrote:

As major Mexican food fans, we've given all Pittsburgh restaurants a try and we were thrilled to discover that this one measures up. We felt like we were south of the border, and all categories get a 10+.

Mariachi style uniforms, attentive smiling service, authentic, homemade food, menu set up, music, etc. Mexican ambiance to the business cards, it was all top notch and done with class. Curious who the owners are who spared nothing to do it right . . . we were told it was 3-4 guys and it's a local place, not a chain.

May they succeed beautifully on a corridor that yes, already has El Campesino (a worthy opponent) and Mad Mex (not a fave--too loud to even carry on a conversation, tables too close for comfort and wait staff that have too many facial piercings to even glance at!)

I guess what it comes down to is a golden rule for a new restaurant - do not eat there until the business has been open for two months. This Tattler broke that rule and went to Emiliano's just days after they opened.

At the time, I thought the business was very similar to Don Pablo's and was having an identity crisis. Also, service was slow and food was just OK. So hopefully this business has made some much needed changes and will prosper in the North Hills.

Working to keep you posted...