Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smoking bans continue...

My fellow Tattlers, sorry it has taken so long for another post but as some of you may know it gets really S-L-O-W in the summertime. That is why our local news stations will put a lot of fluff in their broadcasts this time of year.

Anyways, this Tattler noticed that there is yet another smoking ban for people to flip out over. However, I do agree with this one -- harmful second hand smoke has no place at a health care facility.

From the North Journal:

Starting Sunday, July 1, UPMC Passavant hospital and all other UPMC facilities are going smoke-free. Last week, UPMC officials announced their decision to have a campus-wide clean air policy to protect patients, visitors and staff from the effects of second-hand smoke.
The policy prohibits smoking on all UPMC-owned or leased property, including the grounds, garages and parking lots, and in cars on the property.

As you may have gathered, this policy will include UPMC Passavant Hospital along Babcock Boulevard in McCandless. While I can sympathize (somewhat) with smokers who just want that "little stick of heaven" during a troubling time -- they must realize how it does not make sense to partake in that bad habit at health care facilities.

Everything has it's own place and time.

From the Post-Gazette:

Yesterday was the first day when all of UPMC's 17 hospitals and other properties became smoke-free, inside and out. Outside the UPMC hospitals in Oakland and Mercy Hospital on the Bluff, smokers were still smoking, but they were walking greater distances to do so.

Those smokers sure are persistent, let's wait until February to see if they will go to those lengths for a ciggie -- I know I wouldn't. What this comes down to is yet another restriction on smokers.

If you're not used to it yet, smokers can only expect many more limitations down the road.

Working to keep you posted...

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