Friday, July 27, 2007

Ross suspends manager...

Earlier this week, Ross Township Board of Commissioners voted to suspend their longtime township manager for 3 days. Apparently the cause was him acting inappropriately to a local leader.

From the Tribune Review:

Ross commissioners have suspended township Manager Tom Lavorini for three days without pay for being insubordinate to a board member.

Commissioners approved the suspension by a 6-2 vote late Monday after an executive session.

This Tattler has heard from a close source that the dispute was between Tom Lavorini, township manager and Grace Stanko, who represents the Perrysville area of the township. The dispute allegedly was caused when Stanko questioned Lavorini on finance-related issue and he flipped.

None of this has officially been confirmed by township officials but is the word on the street. This Tattler has also heard that board members originally were not going to reprimand Lavorini much until Lana Mazur, board president, stepped in.

While I agree that what Lavorini did was not appropriate -- I'm not sure if a suspension was the right move to make. According to township regulations there is a procedure that should be followed.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Pete Ferraro, commissioner, said his vote should not been seen as condoning Lavorini's conduct.

Because of the nature of the offense, he said, he favored following the procedure in the township's employee handbook.

It calls for a verbal warning for a first violation. The next step would be a written warning and would be followed by a suspension.

The suspension could be regarded as a few days off rather than a punishment. The root of the problem may come down to Lavorini's attitude. Can you add to this issue? Let this Tattler know!

Working to keep you posted...

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