Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The totals are in...

Well my fellow Tattlers, I wish something surprising may have occurred on election day but guess what??? It was business as usual. Here is a quick rundown:

Nine challengers were seeking a seat on North Hills School Board, with the top five vote-getters earning a spot on the November ballot.

On November's Democratic ticket will be Arlene Bender (1,994 votes), Jeff Meyer (1,711 votes), Robert Barto (1,695 votes), Tara Howey (1,592 votes) and Lou Nudi (1,536 votes). Rounding out the voting were candidates Shea McKinney (1,424 votes), Ed Wielgus (1,416 votes), Lorenz Stocker (1,379 votes), Louis Krummert (1,011 votes), Sam Defrancesco (875 votes), Paul Frye (796 votes) and Dennis Gsell (354 votes).

Earning a spot on the November ballot on the Republican ticket were Meyer (1,530 votes), Nudi (1,511 votes), Wielgus (1,355 votes), Bender (1,079 votes) and Barto (921 votes). Finished behind those were Defrancesco (860 votes), Howey (842 votes), McKinney (696 votes), Stocker (661 votes), Gsell (517 votes) and Krummert (403 votes).

Next year, there will be quite a change in the make up of North Hills School Board. By looking at the politics of the candidates, it seems like voters went by name recognition rather than issues, which always happens.

For instance, longtime member Arlene Bender voted to close three elementary schools and has repeatedly voted in favor of tax increases. Even so, she received a large number of votes that places her on both the republican and democratic tickets. On the other hand, Ross resident Robert Barto was vehemently opposed to the closures and also did respectively well.

This addition of new blood to the board will hopefully increase discussions about issues the district is facing such as the elementary renovations and fiscal responsibility.

Elections in West View also will change the make up of borough council. From the McKnight Journal:

Democrat John Henry -- West View's current mayor -- earned 638 votes in the primary. He ran unopposed.

In the race for council seats, four Democrats sought three seats in West View Borough. Joseph Nowark (507 votes), Barry Schell (467 votes) and Donald Mikec (460 votes) earned spots on the November ballot. Ralph Burchell (433 votes) finished fourth.

In West View, which had only democrat candidates, the primary decided who the winners were. Even though one incumbent got narrowly beaten by a challenger -- this new member will not add a new voice to the board. At every meeting, only one person is vocal who many say is quite a puppet master.This member is like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

Hopefully, all members of that board will get some backbone and actually give their opinions on an issue.

So, primary day has come and gone. I'm sure some candidates are already gearing up for the general election in November. Hopefully they can receive votes for their positions and not merely name recognition.

Working to keep you posted...

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