Friday, June 8, 2007

Showcase Cinemas staying put for now...

For quite some time, rumors have been flying that Showcase Cinemas North in McCandless would shut its doors to make way for a new movie house to be built along McKnight Road near the intersection with Duncan Avenue.

Apparently, Showcase North is staying put but the closure seems inevitable by looking at its offerings and building enhancements.

In a brief from the North Journal:

For now, Showcase Cinemas North will remain in business.
McCandless officials say they know of no development plans for the Showcase Cinemas property, despite rumors.

According to reports, the property of the former Showcase Cinemas location in Wilkins Township is close to being sold, which has led to speculation about the McCandless site.

This Tattler strongly believes that it is only a matter of time before Showcase North closes. The building is old and is a very mediocre theater compared to others featured on the South Side and Waterfront.

Additionally, National Amusements, which owns the theater, has not invested money in the building for some time to enhance its offerings.

Ever since Duncan Avenue was connected to McKnight, a large tract of land was opened up for development, which I believe would be suitable for a new theater. If a new theater is built at Showcase Cinemas' current site or on the new parcel of land, one thing is certain -- Showcase North's days are numbered.

Working to keep you posted...

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Paul said...

I have to say that with all the nice things about the north hills the one thing that it is lacking is a decent theater.

Sure would be nice to see a modern place with stadium seating open up around here.

Heck, I might never again have to cross the border into that city wasteland if we didn't have to go to Loews' in Homestead.