Wednesday, May 30, 2007

R.I.P. Conneaut

Hello my fellow Tattlers... sorry it has taken so long for me to post but I've just got caught up with a few issues...

Anyways, I recently read some articles and even an editorial in the Post-Gazette about Conneaut Lake Park not opening this year.

"For those with fond memories of the Blue Streak Roller Coaster or beautiful Conneaut Lake itself, the 115-year-old amusement park was more than Crawford County's version of Kennywood for folks on a budget.

It was a provider of hundreds of summer jobs for young people, a place for couples to get married, a regional economic engine and a swell place to hear local bands one night and legends like Bob Dylan the next."

This Tattler wholeheartedly believes that this is a complete travesty. As a young Tattler, I would always vacation at Conneaut. My family would rent a cabin and all pile up in a cabin for a week.

From the Blue Streak to the Hell Hole, it gave me some memories to last a lifetime. I apologize for digressing from talking about the North Hills, but this little amusement park touched the lives of everyone who stepped foot inside - including myself.

I just wish there was something we all could do to stop this....

Working to keep you posted....

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