Monday, May 14, 2007

Election Day...

Remember my fellow readers, tomorrow is primary election day and there are several school board and commissioner races that will affect you locally. Also, voters will make a decision on a referendum question, which will increase income tax for property tax relief if approved.

I generally hate to interfere, but below are just a few picks of some candidates worth getting your vote in the primary:

North Hills School Board - Jeff Meyer, Ed Wielgus, Lou Nudi, Lorenz "Chip" Stocker and Robert Barto

Ross Township (Ward 1) - Dan DeMarco but challenger Tom Sunday would also be a good pick

Referendum question - Vote "NO" - This will establish a permanent tax increase with temporary property tax relief. It also will screw renters who will only see a tax hike without any cut since they do not own property.

While primary election day will not be nearly as exciting as next year's -- you still have the opportunity to let your voice be heard on the direction of your community.

I'll do a follow up later this week and highlight several other races throughout the North Hills.

Working to keep you posted...

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