Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Ballot Box- North Hills Candidates

As this Tattler figured, two North Hills School Board members have opted not to run for re-election. Both Al Barkley and Mark Kasperowicz chose not to throw their hats in the ring.

This leaves a long list of candidates vying for a seat on the board - I like to call them the "Dirty Dozen."

Residents running for five open seats on North Hills School Board include: Robert Barto, Sam DeFrancesco, Paul Frye, Dennis Gsell, Tara Howey, Louis Krummert III, Shea McKinney, Lou Nudi and Lorenz Stocker. Additionally, current school board members in the running include Arlene Bender, Jeff Meyer and Ed Wielgus.

Some candidate names are recognizable and others are not. This Tattler knows the following:

The incumbents:

- Arlene Bender has been on the board for a very, very long time (around 20 years). She voted to close three elementary schools in December and usually votes in favor of tax increases. Bender is involved with A.W. Beattie Career School to a high degree.

- Jeff Meyer is running for re-election to a second term. He usually serves as a voice of opposition and primarily focuses on fiscal responsibility. He voted against closing the schools in December.

- Ed Wielgus is another member who has served on the board for a long time. This Tattler heard that in the past he lost an election but was appointed to a 2-year seat that was vacant. He is also focused on fiscal responsibility. Wielgus voted in favor of closing three elementary schools in December.

Now onto the challengers:

- Sam DeFrancesco has previously run unsuccessfully for a position on the school board. He has served on the facilities action committee, which was the group that recommended closing Perrysville and Northway elementaries. In December, he said he voted against the recommendation.

- Dennis Gsell and Louis Krummert III have previously vied for positions in the area.

- Lou Nudi is involved with Ross Township Republican Committee. He once was always attending school board meetings - now that is not the case. His platform probably focuses on fiscal responsibility.

While this Tattler knows many people in the North Hills, I am unfamiliar with Robert Barto, Paul Frye, Tara Howey, Shea McKinney and Lorenz Stocker. So, if you're out there -- let this Tattler know what you are all about.

So there is your "Dirty Dozen," which makes me believe this should be an interesting campaign. It would be even better if North Hills or some other political organization would host a "Meet the Candidates" night in which each would have an opportunity to lay out their platform.

I'm sure several candidates will focus on the vote to close elementary schools while incumbents will discuss lack of funding from the state and ridiculous state mandates. If anyone hears of anything, let this Tattler know at sirfuller@hotmail.com.

Working to keep you posted...

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Anonymous said...

F.Y.I._ Louis Kummert ,running for school board is yet another relative of our famous Mark Purcell.Former commisioner.