Thursday, March 1, 2007

Altmire Update...

As you may have heard recently, several candidates have jumped in the race for Jason Altmire's U.S. Congress seat. Although he is not up for election for about two years, Altmire will certainly have to face some stiff competition.

In the "Whispers" section of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

Roddey's support could boost Ron Francis' attempts to get out in front of two other Republican men thought to be mulling a bid for the 4th District GOP nomination: Lynn Swann, the former Steeler who ran unsuccessfully for governor last year, and Mike Turzai, the Bradford Woods state representative.

And let's not forget three Republican women rumored to be considering entering the race: Melissa Hart, the former congresswoman who lost to Altmire, state Sen. Jane Orie of McCandless and U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan.

This Tattler has learned, however, that not every formidable republican from the North Hills is planning a run against Altmire. Matt Drozd, County Council member, said on Monday that he does not plan to run for the seat.

I think he would not have much of a chance in gaining the position and it seems as if county government serves him well. He has previously been on the North Hills School Board, a position that did not always make him look the best because this Tattler believes his intentions were misunderstood.

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