Thursday, February 1, 2007

Something Troubling in West View...

As your valued Tattler correspondent, I occasionally get the opportunity to visit a few local municipal meetings and something has not sat right with me recently.

At West View Borough Council meetings (held on the second Wednesday of each month), very little discussion is generally made and votes are usually unanimous. While that may sound like a positive attribute to some, it gives this Tattler an uneasy feeling.

This is quite a contrast to Ross Township Commissioner meetings (held on the second and fourth Monday of each month), where lively debates ensue. Also, there is almost always an opposition voice on the board while DISCUSSING respective issues at hand.

One can only wonder why West View council members almost always vote together on an issue. The lack of discussion is also very puzzling - it seems like the only active members on the board is its president and the borough mayor.

The other members, though I'm sure are committed to public service, just sit there and vote with the pack. This Tattler wonders if these council members have a lack of interest in their respective positions or if the board is just a toy to a puppet master on the borough council.

The solution is simple:

* Urge your local leaders to encourage more discussion amongst board members. This will give the public more insight into the issues West View is dealing with. It could also encourage more discussion amongst the public.

* Support a candidate that may offer a different voice than the board. These individuals can generally offer a different perspective to their borough and the board.

* Hold your local leaders accountable for their actions on borough council. Open a discussion with these local public servants - that is what they are there for.

Hopefully, these West View Borough Council members will begin to discuss issues more frequently and show their overall involvement during the meetings. This Tattler also sincerely hopes they begin to vote with their hearts and minds rather than with the rest of the pack.

Working to keep you posted...

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