Tuesday, February 27, 2007

McCrackin Update...

Ahhh.... the tangled webs we weave, especially when it comes to rumors in the North Hills.

Recently, this Tattler received a tip that McCrackin Ford, which closed earlier this month, sold out to Shults Ford of Wexford who in turn sold the property to Wal-Mart.

As it turns out, this rumor is not exactly true but you readers were on the right track.

Last Friday, I received a very helpful email from a reader who forwarded a letter from Shults Ford to me. Richard Bazzy, owner of Shults, said:

As you may already know, MCrackin Ford has closed, and their dealership has been consolidated with our 2 Shults Ford stores in the North Hills-Wexford and Harmarville. As the owner of Shults Ford, I would like to welcome all past and present McCrackin customers to the Shults Ford Family !

He went onto write:

In anticipation of the McCrackin Ford consolidation, we have increased our shop capacity, our number of personnel, and our new and used car inventories! For example, we bought 200 additional new vehicles from McCrackin Ford to ensure we have what you want-when you want it. We have added parts, mechanical lifts and technicians.

So as you can see, Shults purchased a load of cars from McCrackin's inventory but did not buy their plot of land along McKnight Road. The Ford Motor Company has already stated that they do not plan to reopen the car dealership.

Wal-Mart also contends that they do not plan to purchase McCrackin Ford.

This leaves a large parcel of land located right next to Wal-Mart's properties including the former Sam's Club and Chi Chi's Restaurant. Only time will tell if the superstore chain will purchase the Ford dealership or if another merchant will be coming into Ross Township.

As always, if you have any tips email this Tattler at: sirfuller@hotmail.com

Working to keep you posted...


r_sprenkle said...

I don't know whats going to happen to the building where the McCrakin Ford used to be. I walk by it everyday and it is very dormant. I would love to know who is interested in buying it, because I have a business proposal in mind that I believe would be a great addition to the North Hills Community. I believe that its a problem that its only in mind, but I do not have an education in making a business proposal. I would love some help in aided me in my business aspirations. In reality I don't believe it could happen without an investor. I also do not know anyone that is interested but u are the first person I have acknowledged about my plans.

My plan is to put an indoor remote controlled racing facility in the old McCrakin building. It is a great hobby for all ages. Also the enviroment I perceive would be very family oriented. The variety of people would range from kids at the ages of as low as 8-10 to young adults with the thrill of cars and speed(yet safe and supervised) to older adults that have loved Nascar all their lives. See I believe that it would link alot of different people in the community together.

The builing there has all the features there to make a successful hobby center. First the location is terrific, being on McKnight Rd. is great publicity without advertising although it would be a plus for the city of Pittsburgh to get involved with this recreation. The front area of the store could be the hobby shop where the merchandise would be on display for the public. The back garage areas would be the location of the race track and pit area for the racers.

See sir, I have spent alot of time thinking about this concept. And have more ideas to make this place eccentric from the ordinary hobby center. I believe that with the proper recognization of my proposal I would be obliged for the chance to make an establishment like this work. I suppose this is sort of my bussiness proposal or inquiry of my concept. I would be grateful if you or anyone interested could aid me in my campaign for this to happen. I'm available at r_sprenkle@yahoo.com and my home phone is 412-548-3903. I'm open to any suggestions or input I can get from this. Thank you for your time in reading this request.

Ryan Sprenkle

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