Friday, February 23, 2007

McCrackin Ford Closes...

McCrackin Ford, a longtime car dealership along McKnight Road, closed its doors last Thursday. This closure sparked rumors that Wal-Mart was going to purchase the site in addition to the already acquired Chi-Chi's and Sam's Club locations.

This Tattler has been told by Wal-Mart officials that no additional properties are planned to be purchased and no development plans are on the table.

In a statement from McCrackin:

The dealership closed its doors for business as usual last week, but will maintain operations to transition the business in an orderly manner.

Ford Motor Company will not reopen the McCrackin location and all of McCrackin Ford's customers will be contacted and referred to the Ford Dealership that is most convenient for service and all of their automotive.

This Tattler recently heard that McCrackin sold out to Schultz Ford, but it seems that may not be in the works since Ford does not plan to re-open the location. This is a developing story and I'm sure more information will come out of the woodwork in the coming weeks.

Wal-Mart officials still contend they do not plan to purchase the property. But, it also remains unclear as to why the dealership closed after 52 years of business.

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Anonymous said...

Ford has been going through a period of contraction for a few years in an effort to cut cost. Dealerships althought privatly owned are a huge strain on factory resources. Sullivan Ford and others have been bought back buy the factory (ford) over the last few years