Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Northway Mall tear down...

Something is brewing at Northway Mall (Shoppes at Northway), a nearly 45-year-old shopping facility in the North Hills. After years of struggling to attract and retain tenants, a mall official plans to tear down a portion of the upper level to transform it into a strip mall.

They also plan to construct three exterior buildings, which would house any number of merchants. I would not, however, expect a restaurant to locate into any of those structures because additional parking would have to be added and the mall is at a maximum.

Although many community members may take issue with the strip mall concept, it has worked for other area shopping facilities.

North Hills Village Mall went through its own growing pains as an indoor shopping mall but just a few years ago converted to an open air shopping facility. Since then, the mall has attracted new tenants (Target, Ulta) and seems to be at full capacity.

While some could argue that three malls in such a limited area could be too much, it still sounds like the plan is worth a shot. Although the mall lost its movie theater in the process, this Tattler thinks the remodeling will be the greatest benefit.

Ross Township Planning Commission approved the plans last week and developers will now present them to Ross Township Board of Commissioners.

Just keeping you posted...

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