Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NH School Board Future...

As the snow continues to fall it makes me think that spring is just around the corner. With that comes flower buds, Easter and of course - primary elections.

This year a handful of North Hills School Board members are up for re-election and it makes this Tattler wonder whose going to throw in their hat? Board members with expiring terms include Arlene Bender, Al Barkely, Jeff Meyer, Mark Kasperowicz and Ed Wielgus.

So far, Al Barkley has already said he does not plan to run for re-election after serving two years. This action will take away a much needed opposition voice on the board.

This Tattler would also be very surprised if Mark Kasperowicz decided to run for a second term. Over the past four years, it seems as if he has been very silent on the board - not getting involved as much as other school board members.

If he does decide to go for re-election, this Tattler believes it will be an uphill battle because of his apparent lack of involvement on the board. This tells you that the job is not for everyone.

I most definitely believe Arlene Bender will throw her hat in once again. As the longest serving member on the board (nearly 20 years), she has a lot on her side including experience, name recognition and familiarity with issues facing the district.

However, Bender voted for the closure of three elementary schools in the fall and consistently votes to raise taxes. I'm sure she has the health of the district in mind while doing this, but it may prove to be a crack in her armor come election day.

The remaining members, Meyer and Wielgus could go either way at this point. Both have proved to be articulate opposition voices on the school board during their last term. I would expect Wielgus to run because he has been on the board for several years. Meanwhile, Meyer could go either way.

With some members choosing not to run for re-election, it opens the field up to other residents who have been trying to get on North Hills School Board for years. It should be an interesting primary and exciting November election.

Working to keep you posted...

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